Audio Guide Development


A popular British tourist magazine.


The customer has requested the creation of a unique system that allows you to create pedestrian tours of places of interest and unusual places in various cities around the world, and also attach audio files with a story about these places.

Solution and Outcome

The decision from SENLA included the creation of the system itself and mobile applications to it on iOS and Android platforms. Among the most important functions of the system are the following:


  • launching the application without an Internet connection;
  • maps of certain routes;
  • detection of certain location points;
  • escorting a tourist along the route;
  • special places where you can deviate from the route to visit some hidden attractions.


The client was delighted with the work done, getting exactly what he wanted as quickly as possible.

Technology Stack

Swift, Android, Java, SQLite, In-app purchases, Bolts Framework, Google Maps.


4 months.