3 Challenges of Enterprise App Development That Customers Can Overcome

Many business executives understand that implementation of enterprise apps can make companies more successful and prosperous.

According to Apperian survey, 30% of respondents said apps improve business processes, 23% said apps increase productivity, and 20% said apps gave them a competitive advantage.

Although software can make your enterprise richer, you may face several challenges during the development process.

In our article, we will tell you what these challenges are and how you can overcome them.


Why It Is Important to Be Acknowledged with the Challenges of Enterprise App Development

The most important thing – you will be able to cut costs.

If you are not acknowledged with the challenges of enterprise development, you may make some critical mistakes.

For example, you may choose the wrong team for the development of your app.

Later, such mistakes may cost you money and time since you have to spend additional resources on the development or hiring a new contractor.

These Are the Most Common Enterprise App Development Challenges You May Face

  1. Choosing the right API strategy

During the development of enterprise application solutions, it is important to develop a solid API strategy.

Creation of your enterprise app requires certain APIs to enable specific features of the solution.

This may require businesses to take an in-depth look at their existing APIs (if there are any) and check whether they’re going to fulfill all the requirements of the future enterprise solution.

If the current APIs do not fit, you should modify them or even develop a new one.

Therefore, it may be important to consult with business analysts. For example, you can consult with your potential contractor’s business analysis experts.

  1. Achieving great UX

Enterprise app development, whether the app is created for your staff or customers, requires a strong focus on the solution’s usability.

That’s why it may be crucial to provide users with advanced UI.

Like all apps, mobile enterprise solutions need to be intuitive and easy to use, while keeping the app as valuable as possible.

This is the only way to make sure that users are not going to abandon your solution after the first use.

If you fail to do this, there is a chance that you will only lose time and money.

Localytics state that, 21% of users abandon an app after one use.

That’s why you should hire only qualified developers. Only experts can create an application that will be valuable and convenient for your users.

  1. Providing advanced security

It is necessary for you to ensure security within your app solutions.

You have crucial information stored on your main database, and your team members can access it using their devices.

Thus, if their devices become crashed or stolen, you may face the consequences. For example, hacking into your system through a personal device may make your data vulnerable.

Remember that it is your data that gets leaked in the process if you didn’t take care of security.

That’s why you should hire professional developers who use a set of measures to ensure the safety of their products.


There is no doubt that the development of a thoughtful and timely enterprise app will benefit your company.

The problem is that several challenges may accompany the development process.

Despite this, knowing about the challenges of enterprise app development, you as a client you can overcome them.

Here are the three most common challenges that you will most likely have to face:

  1. Coming up with the correct API strategy
  2. Providing your future solution with advanced UX
  3. Taking measures to achieve a high degree of security

If you want to know more about the challenges of the enterprise app development process or if you are looking for a professional team, feel free to contact us.