4 Signs That You Need a Salesforce Consultancy

According to Salesforce survey, companies that start using Salesforce see on average a 25% increase in revenue.

No wonder a huge number of businesses around the world uses this CRM.

Source: Salesforce Q1 FY19 Financial Update


Salesforce Q1 FY19 Financial Update shows that Salesforce CRM’s market share is 19.6%.

Despite Salesforce has proved its value, there is one common issue connected with the CRM. This CRM system is quite complex, and not every company may start using Salesforce flawlessly.

To understand, implement or customize Salesforce, businesses can hire Salesforce consultants.

These experts are certified specialists who know Salesforce deeply.

In this article, we will tell you when you should turn to experts that can help you in Salesforce implementation and customization.

Why It May Be Important to Hire Salesforce Consultants

There may be two solid reasons:

  • You will be able to save money and time

Perhaps, you understand that if you give up internal staff time to Salesforce implementation or customization, some other core business functions undoubtedly suffer.

Such productivity loss may lead to a decrease in the company’s revenues and even loss of potential customers, but this is not the only problem.

Moreover, your staff’s skills may not be enough to make the system work as needed.

In this case, you may need to configure the system again, which will require additional waste of time and money.

The thing is that while staff experts are great for tactics (as they deeply know your business), consultants are often better for strategic decisions like knowing which apps will play better with your business processes.

So maybe businesses should hire Salesforce professionals right away. Especially since after failures, they will most likely anyway have to hire consultants.

  • You will be able to fully unlock the potential of Salesforce CRM for your business

To cover expenses for the purchase of a platform, it is better to use all its capabilities to improve ROI.

The problem is that your specialists may lack the deep understanding of Salesforce CRM, so it’s not a fact that they will be able to configure the program themselves.

Moreover, despite point and click technology makes many Salesforce CRM features seem simple, if put in the wrong hands this powerful platform may inadvertently create massive inefficiencies and gaps.

Source: www.thegospelcoalition.org

To understand how harmful incorrect configuration of any complex system may be, we can look at one example.

Several years ago, United States sponsored the creation of Healthcare.gov, a federal government site managed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Technical issues after the launch of Healthcare.gov led to the fact that US authorities had to spend millions of dollars to rework the system.

We will not go into this history, so if you have a desire, here you can read the whole chronicle of events.

We just wanted to say that complex systems can create more problems than the benefits in inept hands. Therefore, it may better to trust your CRM to professionals.

These Four Things Indicate That You Should Better Have a Salesforce Consultancy

  • Poor user adoption

If you notice that your employees do not want to use Salesforce during their usual workflow, perhaps the reason is that they find the system uncomfortable or useless.

So, what can you do?

Most likely, the problem is in Salesforce customization. The fact is that the program that is configured correctly will itself encourage your employees to use it, as it is convenient and brings value.

But you shouldn’t try to set up Salesforce on your own (we have already discussed the magnitude of the risks).

It also makes no sense to force employees to use the program. People will never use something that makes their work unreasonably difficult – this is just the way we are all arranged.

It is better to directly contact the experts and explain them your problem. Most likely, consultants will be able to correct the situation by fine-tuning the CRM.

  • Disorientating statistics

A well-tuned CRM will help you get adequate information about your business and clients. The opposite would be strange, isn’t it?

For example, a correctly working system helps you track which of your emails perform well, and which not, how many customers did you get for the selected period, and other things.

If you can not get such data, then something may be wrong with your tool.

The consultant will dive into the situation and tell you what and how can be corrected.

  • Bad ROI of Salesforce implementation

Your system may not be configured correctly, and as a consequence, it may not be as useful as it could be.

In that case, you will not feel that you did the right investment. You can even refuse using Salesforce, considering it too expensive for its value.

In fact, you should not take such radical measures.

You can simply ask specialists for the advice.

If the matter is in the wrong installation or program setup, the consultant will help set up the system so that its use brings you a profit.

Either, your organization may not have identifiable goals to measure Salesforce CRM’s ROI.

In this case, the specialist will help you get relevant and visible reports so you could see the progress.

  • Low sales indicator

If you do not get new customers or they do not buy your product, maybe you should change your sales strategy.

And what if you have already started using Salesforce?

The truth is that this complex program can help you even in this case.

You can contact the experts to adjust the strategy and use the power of Salesforce for greater efficiency.

In this case, the consultant will help you come up with the strategy and teach you how to use Salesforce so that it could help you successfully sell your services or products.


Most likely you understand how valuable Salesforce can be for your company. Not surprisingly that thousands of businesses around the world use this powerful CRM system.

But we still ask you to doubt a bit before implementation or configuration the program.

It’s not that something is wrong with Salesforce – the tool is outstanding. The problem can be covered in the installation and configuration processes.

Some companies may try to install and configure the program without the help of certified experts – Salesforce consultants.

We strongly recommend that you do not do this, and that’s why.

First, you can spend extra money. Remember that your employees will have to waste time on Salesforce implementation, which means that other business processes of your company may suffer.

Second, most likely, you won’t be able to fully unlock the potential of Salesforce CRM, and that means that the ROI of Salesforce implementation will suffer.

Of course, your employees are experts in their field, but they hardly have a deep understanding of Salesforce, so they don’t know how to squeeze out the maximum benefit from the CRM.

Also, if you have already implemented or customized Salesforce with the help of your employees and feel that something is wrong, then there are ways to understand if you need a consultancy.

There are four signals that clearly indicate that you need to turn a consultant. Here they are:

  1. Low user adoption
  2. Сonfusing or unactionable statistics
  3. Bad ROI rate of Salesforce implementation and customization
  4. Poor sales indicator

If one of these points can be applied to your company, do not hesitate and contact the professionals. Thus, you will save your money and time.