How Proper Salesforce Implementation May Automate Your Business

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a top business anywhere that doesn’t use automation in some way in its marketing programs.

According to statistics from Salesforce, 67% of marketing leaders use or plan to use a marketing automation platform of some type.

Despite the obvious benefits of automation, many companies still hesitate to move toward more advanced business processes.

According to Wishpond, 64% of chief marketing officers have no process in place to manage automated marketing.

They’re missing opportunities to boost their leads and gain customers.

In this article, we will explain how automation can benefit your company and how Salesforce implementation can automate and improve your business.

How Automation Benefits Businesses All Over the World

  • Automation allows businesses to increase revenue

Automation can help various silos within a company operate more efficiently.

For example, sales reps may close more deals in the same amount of time.

According to Salesforce, with CRM’s ability to monitor performance in real time with reports and dashboards, sales productivity may increase by as much as 44%.

This directly affects business revenues and helps companies grow and develop faster.

  • Automation allows businesses to improve workflow

Automation optimizes working processes, allowing employees to spend less time on routine tasks.

This may, for example, reduce the time spent on activities such as email marketing.

Automation tools take over some of the work, which reduces the need for internal staff to work in a multitasking way.

This allows companies to increase their overall productivity.

The American Psychological Association’s fundamental research confirms that 40% of productivity is lost in the process of task-switching.

How Salesforce Can Automate Your Business and Make It Smarter

  1. Salesforce may increase customer satisfaction

Customer support specialists at many companies don’t have sufficient time to serve all clients, which may negatively affect customer satisfaction.

Win The Customer’s survey found that 73% of customer support professionals consider managing time and workload the most significant issue they face in the customer support field.

Your company can fix this situation with the help of Salesforce. As an option, your business can implement Service Cloud.

Salesforce implementation and automation may immediately increase customer satisfaction with your services, as a natural result of increased productivity and the ability of your customer support specialists to serve more customers at the same time.

According to data, using Salesforce can increase the productivity of your customer service specialists by 34%.

  1. Salesforce may improve the productivity of your staff

One result of implementation is removing the need for manual data entry.

This may increase the productivity of all of your employees who use Salesforce in their work.

According to M-Files, employees spend 20% to 40% of their time searching for documents manually.

After implementation, your employees will be able to spend their time on more valuable activities, for example closing deals.

  1. Salesforce may increase your marketing ROI

Salesforce implementation may benefit your marketing efforts in several ways.

Once you’re using the email automation features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for example, you will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining your marketing department.

According to Wishpond, automated event-trigger email marketing has been known to reduce marketing spend by as much as 80%.

You also will be able to get more leads with the same marketing budget.

Data from Epsilon confirms that automated emails get 199% higher click rates than traditional broadcast emails.

  1. Salesforce may make your sales department more effective

Salesforce helps streamline the entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helping everyone on the sales team reach their targets faster.

Since order processing and quote preparation are automated in CRM, sales teams can reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.

According to the survey, companies that start using Salesforce may see a 25% increase in revenue.


The most successful companies are introducing more and more automation solutions in their work.

That’s a logical decision since, without the help of automation, company staff has to do a lot of unnecessary work that reduces productivity and revenues.

One of the most effective ways to automate your company’s workflow is to implement complex business solutions, such as Salesforce.

In this article, we’ve described how Salesforce implementation may automate your business and make it more smart and profitable.

To recap, here are the main benefits of implementing Salesforce:

  1. May boost customer satisfaction
  2. May increase your staff’s productivity
  3. May improve the ROI of your marketing efforts
  4. May make your sales reps more effective

If you want to learn more about business automation or Salesforce implementation, feel free to contact us.