How to Choose the Right QA Team for Your Project

Today’s demanding users refuse to bother with useless or technically defective products and services.

This trend is obvious in relation to a wide variety of products, such as mobile apps and even website pages.

Statistics from Google suggest that, as page load time increases from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases by 123%.

The likelihood of losing a potential website visitor increases when a page takes a long time to load. (Source:

To avoid losing potential visitors, users, and leads, businesses hire QA experts.

These specialists test various products to make sure they meet business requirements and don’t contain serious defects.

In this article, we will explain why it is crucial to work only with top-notch QA teams and also how to choose such a team among thousands of options.

Why It’s Important to Choose a QA Partner Carefully

Let’s look at some significant benefits of working with teams who have enough experience to help you:

  • You increase the chance that your application will be successful

If you hire a qualified contractor who understands your industry, the chance that your product will succeed greatly increases.

On the contrary, if you hire someone who doesn’t understand the specifics of your industry, you may lose thousands of potential customers.

You may even find the money you invested in the development of your app has been wasted, since the cost of a single mistake or bug may be high.

According to Experience Dynamics, on average, only 16% of users who didn’t appreciate an app from the first try will give it a second chance.

  • You won’t waste money working with non-professionals

In addition to the money you spent on development, you’ll want to spend the money allocated for product testing wisely.

If you hire the wrong team, there’s a good chance that your collaboration proves ineffectual.

Hiring a weak or inappropriate team may leave you with a disappointingly low ROI.

Easy Tips For Choosing the Right QA Team

If you already have a list of potential contractors but don’t know which company to pick, here’s a process to follow.

In order to make sure that the teams you’ve selected suit you, do a little investigation to make sure these companies are worth your attention:

1. Read their portfolios

Pay attention to case studies on the company’s website.

Reading case studies will help you understand how well the team deals with client requirements.

This will help you identify team that have worked with similar products, or products related to your industry.

2. Check the team’s Clutch profile

Check out the user rating to find out how customers evaluate the company’s work.

A high score confirms the advanced professional level of the team.

Then read customer reviews to get more detailed information about the team’s projects and see whether customers appreciate their work.

3. Try the products they tested

If you have the opportunity, try products on which the team has worked previously.

For example, you may be able to find free trial versions. This will help you get an overview of the final result of the team’s work.

After you’ve obtained general information on potential contractors, you can now filter out some of them.

To make an even more confident choice, you might ask their representatives several questions to help you get a better idea of the team’s professional level and get information that you could not find yourself.

  • How deep is the team’s industry expertise?

To maximize project ROI and quality, hiring a QA company with advanced industry experience may be as significant as technical expertise.

The more complex the business sphere (i.e., healthcare, logistics, or banking), the more demanding the team’s work becomes.


In addition to a general understanding of your industry, team members should also be aware of things like heterogeneous IT infrastructures or regulatory changes.

So you as a client should explore whether your potential contractor runs new employee onboarding programs, provides continuous industry coaching, and has low worker turnovers.

  • Is the company able to protect your brand assets, customer data, and other intellectual property?

Today, protecting business data is critical.

You as a client should insist that your contractors have an advanced level of security to protect customer data.


This may be especially critical with technologies such as cloud computing or mobile that may carry serious business and security risks.

  • Do they bring some added value, such as thought leadership or innovation?

For you, it may be significant to understand the QA team’s commitment to continuous improvement.

With long-term projects, QA specialists will receive experience that may lead to decreased client costs, more streamlined work processes, or quick issue solving.

Thus, responsible teams will make your collaboration more efficient.


Companies hire QA specialists to ensure their products meet the demands of the target audience as well as business requirements.

These experts test solutions and products to ensure they are ready to perform the assigned functions and that all critical features work properly.

However, it is sometimes difficult for companies to choose a QA contractor, as there may be hundreds or thousands of service providers vying for their business.

In this article, we explain why it’s important to work only with experienced teams and to choose the right firm.

To begin with, you can take three simple steps to filter out some of your potential contractors. The steps:

  1. Look through their case studies
  2. Visit their Clutch pages
  3. Try out solutions they have worked on

After you get general information about contractors, there’s one more step required to make a confident choice. Contact the company’s representative and ask several simple questions:

  • Does the team have enough industry expertise?
  • Is the team able to protect your intellectual property?
  • Do team members bring some added value throughout the work?

If you want to learn more about QA service or get additional tips on how to choose a QA team, feel free to contact us.

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