How to Understand Whether Your Potential Contractor Is a Qualified Salesforce Consultant

According to the Salesforce survey, 20% of SMBs say that instead of losing their CRM, they’d rather sleep on a bed of nails and 19% would instead walk across hot coals.

It seems like a huge number of businesses find their CRM systems extremely valuable.

Most likely these businesses use rather simple solutions, either they resorted to the help of third-party specialists to customize their CRM tools.

The thing is that only a properly tuned CRM system can benefit your business, otherwise, you may only get pain and disappointment.

In fact, using a poorly tuned CRM tool is not much different from sleeping on a bed of nails, moreover, you are paying for it.

Many companies turn to Salesforce consultants while implementing or customizing such complex CRM platform as Salesforce.

Salesforce consultants are specialists who have a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and they are ready to help businesses in using it.

It is important to hire only proven consultants, otherwise, your partnership can result in a waste of company resources.

In this article, we will tell you how to understand whether the company you are considering as a consultant is a true Salesforce expert.

Why It Is Important to Work Only With Qualified Salesforce Consultants

  • Proven consultants will save your company’s resources

The process of Salesforce implementation and customization can be too long if you conduct it by your internal staff or with an inexperienced contractor.

This can adversely affect other business processes, as they will have to be postponed temporarily.

Moreover, you can spend more money working with laymen.

For example, after the Salesforce fine-tuning, you may still have to hire an experienced team to redo Salesforce customization, and that will entail additional spending.

  • Proven consultants will help you get more profit and satisfied customers

Do not forget that Salesforce is a very complex and multifaceted solution. Only experienced and certified experts can tell how you can use the program’s potential to a maximum.

As a consequence, you will be able to receive the maximum amount of money and get the best Salesforce implementation ROI rate.

How to Understand Whether Your Potential Contractor Can Be Trusted

We suggest you make three simple steps. They will be enough to understand whether your potential contractor is an experienced and professional consultant or its team only wants to seem like that.

1. Check the company’s Clutch profile

To begin with, it would be better to get a general idea of the company with which you are going to work.

Looking at the company rating and customer feedback on Clutch, you can make a general impression of the potential contractor.

Pay attention to the company’s rating. The maximum score on Clutch is five, and the higher the company’s rating is the better. (Source:

You can also find lists or customer reviews that relate to the company’s Salesforce development or consulting services.

Thus, you can be sure that the company has real experience in the work with Salesforce. (Source:

Either you can check if the company is on the Clutch’s list of top best Salesforce Consultants. Only top-notch and experienced development teams get into it, so with the help of this list, you can exclude profanes and charlatans in advance.

For example, our team is on the list of TOP-5 Best Salesforce Consultants. This means that in case of cooperation, we can be trusted.

2. Check, if the company’s specialists have official Salesforce certificates

There are several licenses showing that the company can work professionally with Salesforce.

Regarding Salesforce consulting services, your contractor must have a certificate of Consulting Partners (aka System Integrator или SI Partners).

Certification plays a critical role in the partnership of System Integrators with and the following certificates are of great importance in the partner program.

  • Administrator

To obtain this grade, a specialist must pass two exams – Administrator and Advanced Administrator.

These are basic certificates that show that an expert can work with such a complex system as Salesforce.

  • Implementation Experts

To obtain this grade, a specialist has to pass 2 exams, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and they both are in high demand among SI Partners and community.

Successfully passed Service Cloud exam is a proof of experience of a great value, because only a few people have such a certificate.

  • Developers

To obtain this grade, a specialist has to pass 2 exams, Developer и Advanced Developer.

In the Salesforce partner program, both exams are highly appreciated, especially when the total number of certificates the Partner owns is taken into account.

The Advanced Developer exam is very complex and evidences the very high professional level.

  • Architects

This is the most “technical” certificate, and it is considered the most difficult and valuable of all. The registration costs $ 6,000 and there are only two attempts given to pass the exam.

All these certificates proof that your contractor as a System Integrator has the best practices for implementing, customizing, and developing

Thus, the team having relevant certificates will most likely cope with the project of any complexity.

For example, a part of our team members has Salesforce certificates. This means that our specialists have a high professional level as Salesforce officially approves them.

To ensure that the contractor has the necessary licenses, you can try to find your contractor on AppExchange, the official app store, and exchange of Salesforce developers, consultants, and partners.

You can find the company manually or with the help of multiple filters. (Source:

Either you can contact the contractor, and ask the company representatives if company employees have official Salesforce certificates.

3. Look at the company’s portfolio

After you have checked your potential contractor’s profile on Clutch and made sure that the company’s employees are certified, you can take another small step to make sure that the team can be trusted.

You can look through case studies on the company’s website and find there projects related to Salesforce.

If you find such a project, check whether it was successfully completed, whether the team encountered difficulties, and how they solved them.

Also, you can contact the company representatives directly and ask about the completed projects.


According to Salesforce Q1 FY19 Financial Update, Salesforce has about 150,000 customers all over the globe.

We can see that a huge number of companies are using this CRM and feel its value, but the truth is that without fine-tuning, this complex system may be useless, if not even harmful to your business.

To properly implement and configure the CRM, companies resort to the help of Salesforce consultants. These experts have a profound knowledge of the program and can adapt it to the needs of any business.

Given the huge size of the development market and different professional level of teams, you shouldn’t trust any company that claims to be able to help you with Salesforce implementation and customization.

In order not to lose time and money after working with profanes, better hire professional consultants.

There are three simple steps to make sure that the company’s specialists are high-level consultants and you can trust them:

  1. Check your potential contractor’s Clutch profile
  2. Make sure that team members have official Salesforce certificates
  3. Read case studies on the contractor’s website

After you make these three steps, and the company you are considering will confirm its high level, you can surely ask it for a consultation.