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Marketing Automation System


Project Overview

SENLA team has created a marketing automation system from scratch for a large private airline. The final solution represents a system for controlling all marketing processes across various departments and offices of the company. It is similar to the CRM system that can be customized and extended to specific directions according to the Client's requirements and needs.


The decentralized activity of the marketing department and lack of a unified system for project management.

The Client, a large private airline, has a collection of marketing materials, such as physical media and souvenirs that they provide at the airport to employees and guests, as well as banners, promo videos, and advertising. Previously the marketing department used a vendor CMS and various management tools, as well as multiple internal tools for registering and authorizing users and managing their rights. This approach made the project activity management complicated and increased the chance of human errors, information loss, and decreased department productivity.


The final solution represents a marketing automation system that:


Works with processing user requests to files and levels of access.


Simplifies content strategy creation and project management.


Allows to prioritize tasks by complexity, importance, and urgency.


Contains a set of templates for creating tasks according to standard processes.


Enables commenting on files and discussing them between members of the department.


Allows to achieve complete transparency of activities.


Includes a database for storing, replicating, and archiving files.



Solution Architect


Business Analyst


System Analyst




Backend Devs


Frontent Devs




Project Manager



Tech stack






Spring Boot

Spring Data



For top managers:

  • Facilitation system for organizing and managing project workflows.
  • Quick top-level access to all projects that are in their area of ​​responsibility.
  • Full control of tasks execution speed, information on potential downtimes
    in departments, and additional resources needed.
  • Access to task templates for speeding up the projects’ creation.

For mid-level managers:

  • More effective and transparent management of all employees within the department.
  • An easy and intuitive flow control system.
  • A tailored weight system of tasks prioritization.
  • Live access to the information about the occupancy of employees.
  • Control over creative teams
  • Control over vendors

For performers:

  • Convenient access to all the internal tools.
  • Centralization of existing and potential tools for productivity improvement.
  • Storage of all the materials they produce inside the same system.
  • Possibility to view materials that are already attached, leave comments, and invite other participants for discussion.

For external specialists:

  • Simplified involvement in the project.
  • Immediate access to a specific task, tools for implementation, and stakeholders’ contact information.
  • Simplified involvement in the project.
  • Simplified involvement in the project.

For the technical team:

  • An optimized process of storing and creating backups of the entire repository.
  • A new panel for dynamic access development for employees, both internal and external, to certain parts of the system.
  • Two storage locations: a database for storing user data on projects, and a distributed file storage that allows information to be replicated and archived.


The Client is able to centralize the work of the marketing departments and control all marketing campaigns of the company. The solution increased the productivity of managers, performers, external specialists and the technical team.

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