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Smart house energy management system

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Smart house energy management system




Web Development


Project Overview

SENLA team has built a web application for a smart housing development company in Israel. It allows monitoring the energy production of solar panels, the peaks of the panels’ load and energy production, visualizing data by groups of panels or of each panel separately.

The solution helps attract new users, reduce maintenance costs, optimize power consumption and increase usability for better satisfaction of the end-user.


The Client didn’t have a centralized system of smart house components data management

The Client is a smart housing development company in Israel, working with solar panels and solar energy-based smart home devices, in particular air conditioners.

Information on the energy production level and peaks of the panels' load was gathered on the hardware level but the overall data collection process was decentralized and fragmented. That made the visualization and keeping a live track of the system impossible.


SENLA's dedicated team has developed a web application for tablets and wall touch panels. The final solution helps monitor and control solar panels and the air conditioning system

The application can be used by office managers and security services in offices or by residents of the houses.


View the load of solar panels


Monitor the current temperature outside
and inside


View the volume and time of battery charge


Calculate the air conditioners’ operating time for reaching the desired temperature


Display battery load graphs


Build a visual map of the room with the location of air conditioners and monitor the system as a whole


Check whether the battery charge covers the power consumption



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Attracting new users and entering other markets

There is a module that shows potential customers what components can be installed in their location and what benefits they can get from their use. The widget in the app helps the new incoming customer get a prediction of how much energy can be generated for a particular location and region.

Reducing maintenance costs and optimizing power consumption

The Client has improved the management of installed panels. In addition to planning and load distribution, the system can help control the maintenance: keep track of running time and service operations. We have developed an API that allows the integration of smarthouses and IoT solutions on demand into this system.

Increasing the usability for better satisfaction of the end-user

We have developed a module for existing customers that allows real-time central tracking of energy income and consumption. It can also offer post-sale customer service. The system collects data, informs about insufficient or excessive energy production levels, and offers suggestions on optimizing utilization. Thus, the customer receives notifications on additional services or components to be installed.


Given the Client’s plans to expand the smart house network, the system was designed and developed not only to optimize current power utilization but also to allow smooth connectivity with new smart devices in the future.

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