Contacts Management Software Solution


A large American manufacturing company.


The Customer wanted to optimize the process of adding new contacts to address books, automatically distributing them to groups.

Solution and Outcome

Our solution included the development of a mobile application on iOS and Android platforms, which allows you to replace business cards and use the mechanisms of contact data transmission. We paid special attention to the security of data transmission and the selection of certain data that the user deemed necessary to share with another person. The application also has a number of the following functions:


  • integration with other models of WiCard smartphones;
  • automatic linking with social networks;
  • adding friends in different social networks, if the user shared with you certain contacts.


SENLA’s solution met the expectations of the Customer. The Customer also noted a large number of positive reviews, as the application allows users to understand where they could have seen before and thus facilitate the first acquaintance phase by finding common topics for conversation.

Technology Stack

Swift, Java.


6 months.