Development of the Document Management System


An American company that creates systems for tax authorities and structures. These systems are responsible for providing insurance services to the public and business and are used by insurance companies and agents.


The Customer faced with the problem of storing and managing a large number of documents of various types: contracts, lists of permanent and potential clients, client information. The problem is that all these documents must be hand during communication of insurance agents with clients and should always have a presentable appearance.

Solution and Outcome

We developed a mobile application from scratch for iOS, which allowed insurance agents to work in the field. The Customer had many specific requirements:


  • the application should automatically load the package of documents currently required for a particular client;
  • the application should automatically receive information about the health of the citizen (i.e., integration with medical databases) when concluding an insurance contract;
  • signature of documents by voice or finger.


Also, a smart organizer, a scheduler and a calendar were implemented that worked as a whole and tracked the whole chain of correspondence, and then notified the insurance agent so that he could react in time to certain events.

The SENLA team has created a product that has provided invaluable assistance to the company and has become an integral part of its work processes. The software is very convenient, because now the client can carry out all the necessary business processes with a single tablet. That allows you to optimize working time and resources.

Technology Stack

AdobeAir, Angular.js, Java, Objective-C, C, CoreData, PDFMetaData.


12 months.

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