Development of Custom Software Solutions For a Leading Online Sports Betting Company


A leading Eastern Europe sports betting company, that offers sports fans a qualitatively new level of service, as well as a wide range of diverse events. The company’s activities are aimed at developing a betting business in CIS countries and creating a new sphere of entertainment.

Today our Client has more than 500 departments in 120 cities with over 1 million customers. The Client employs over 1,000 people.


The technology, which has been implemented in the existing Customer’s system became outdated. In this connection, there was a problem with supporting the existing solution. The Customer decided to transfer the existing system to a more modern platform by developing a custom software solution using the latest technologies.

A rapid development of technology is the cause of early obsolescence of information systems, which entails a lot of costs for organizations. For end users, the main drawback of desktop applications was the forced need to download updates of the program independently, as soon as developers make changes.

Developers, in turn, needed to implement a user-friendly procedure for updating the program, without forcing users to delve into the finer points of location of the installed files. Also, developers should be sure that all users have the latest version of the program.

Web applications are most often deployed on dedicated servers that are served by experienced system administrators. This is much more effective than monitoring the operation of the application on each of the hundreds of computers in the case of desktop applications.

It was necessary to transfer the desktop version of the management system to the web platform and integrate it into the customer’s internal automation service.

Solution and Outcome

We based on our previous experience and best practices in the implementation of this type of projects. At the initial stage, we carried out an analysis of the existing customer system and revealed functional features, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the existing solution.

On the basis of the data obtained, we compiled a detailed specification of the requirements for the new version of the system. This stage allowed to take into account various features and correct all the shortcomings of the old system when developing a new product.

The Customer was fully involved in the development of the system and received all necessary information on the implementation process in a timely manner, which allowed to obtain an up-to-date working product that completely satisfies the Customer’s needs.

We developed a separate software module which was integrated into the Customer’s internal automation service. This module included all the existing features, as well as corrected shortcomings of the desktop application.

SENLA accomplished all the tasks during the process of implementation, which allowed to fully solve the Customer’s problem.

The use of web technologies has made it possible to achieve a higher level of compatibility between the Customer’s internal systems. The architecture of the information system, based on web technology, made it possible to quickly integrate information systems of the company, improving working and other business processes.

The Customer was satisfied with the result and asked us for help in implementing other projects.

Technology Stack

Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Play Framework.


6 months.