Data Management System Development for a Large European Tour Operator


The Customer is a large European operator engaged in providing tourist services. The Customer’s office is located in Italy.


The Customer faced the problem of how to conveniently manage their clients and the information associated with them.

This problem is not new in the travel industry, as no resource allows you to store and manage information about clients and partners in a single application.

The Customer expected to receive a demo version of the application, which can be shown to potential investors. The application should eventually include a core functionality that will significantly simplify the use of an electronic data management system in the travel industry.

Solution and Outcome

Initially, we received some parts of the ready-made functionality, which needed to be improved. We also had to develop some of the functionality ourselves, which was quite problematic due to the lack of detailed requirements for the product.

The Customer took an active part in the development of the application since there wasn’t any specification. The Customer clarified the business requirements and conducted the acceptance testing of each release for compliance with the requirements that he provided in the development process.

The development strategy was developed directly by the team and approved by the Customer.

The team fulfilled all the tasks. As a result, the Customer received a working product, which allowed to demonstrate the advantages of the system to potential investors.

The Customer received a demo version of the software solution, the analog of which does not yet exist.

The product will not only increase the efficiency and simplify the management system but will also bring profit to the Customer from the use of specific application options by other users.

Technology Stack

PHP, AngularJS, PostgreSQL.


3 months.