Development of CRM-System for a Pharmaceutical Company


A company that sells pharmaceutics in hospitals and pharmacies.


The Customer has a defined hierarchy of employees assigned to specific regions and responsible for the supply of products to the organization of their region. We needed to create a centralized system for storing and scheduling meetings of the company’s employees with clients, with the possibility of entering the results of the meeting and supply forecasts. The system should also be able to store and monitor clients. We also had to develop a company reporting system: by region, by an employee, by business unit.

Solution and Outcome

Based on the Salesforce platform, a flexible data model was implemented to store all the entities of the Customer’s business. Using the capabilities of the platform, a custom planning calendar for employees has been developed. It provides information about joint visits to clients, validation of intersections between employees, activities, vacations, performance indicators. We also developed a system for analyzing indicators and reporting among employees, departments, regions and the whole company.

Users of the Customer received a convenient tool in which they could plan their schedules, make appointments with clients and with each other, and also enter meeting results, actual and planned sales figures. Management was able to monitor the performance of employees and departments in accordance with the planned and actual indicators.

Technology Stack, Sales Cloud, Apex, Visualforce, Remote Action, Angular JS.


6 months.