Development of a Hybrid Mail Service For a Law Firm


The Customer is a lawyer who decided to create a special hybrid mail service. He approached us on the advice of one of our old customers.


Hybrid mail is delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. Usually, it involves digital data being transformed into physical letter items at distributed print centers located as close as possible to the final delivery addresses.

The main task was to take into account all the legal aspects. The Customer wanted the service to be as transparent as possible and to be as protected as possible from the point of view of the law since this is one of the main problems of the legal industry.

The Customer wanted to get a working application where the blockchain was supposed to store all stages of sending/delivering a letter to ensure recipients confidence in the inability to change data and status of shipments.

The main priority was the presence of the following functionality:

  • The presence of an electronic signature;
  • Data on sending/receiving (for confirmation in court);
  • QR-code in the postal check, which contained a link to the postal container;
  • Integration with third-party services;
  • The implementation of blockchain technology.

Solution and Outcome

Since we had previous experience in implementing blockchain technology, the task was not difficult.

Standard procedures were done: we signed the NDA, our business analysts collected the requirements of the Customer, we built the project architecture and provided the Customer with the assessment.

After agreeing on all the nuances, our specialists began to develop the application. Our project manager was constantly in touch with the Customer. We usually scheduled meetings with the Customer several times a week, because sometimes there were questions related to the business logic of the application.

After we implemented the final solution, the Customer received a working service that satisfied all the stated requirements.

Technology Stack

Angular, Java, PostgreSQL Server, Ethereum


3 months

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