Development of Tools for Tracking Company Projects


A company with a large hierarchy of employees, engaged in software development and using the Salesforce platform.


The Customer turned to us with the following problem: he needed a tool with the ability to track all the projects of the company with the employees engaged in them. The tool should have an additional opportunity to report paid or unpaid time spent by employees for tasks within projects. All data from the tool must be uploaded to statistical reports for top management.

Solution and Outcome

By the means of the Salesforce platform, we developed an application, representing two diagrams of Gantt. The first one displayed the accounts and projects of the company with the employees attached to them and time intervals reflecting the activities in which these employees are involved. The second diagram depicted the departments of the company with employees in them and nested projects, in which these employees were involved in the time period selected by the user. Special forms have been developed for staff members to apply the hours worked. We also set up a statistical reporting system based on application data.

The Customer received a complex tool for tracking projects and the work of his employees, the ability to plan the workload of teams for a long time, as well as a convenient presentation of data on the status and success of current and past projects.

Technology Stack, Visualforce, Apex, Angular JS.


6 months.