Development of a Learning Management System


A medical company from the Fortune 500 list.


The client turned to SENLA with the goal of development of a learning management system to improve the professional skills of its employees.

Solution and Outcome

We created a portal and a training program with flexible settings that the user can modify:


  • number of doctors and number of teams;
  • number of medications a doctor has;
  • number of skills assessed;
  • number of meetings in the round.


Also, a mobile application was developed for the participants, which were employees of the company. We also created a technical opportunity to conduct simulation data (training) in the absence of Internet.

The decision itself implies the presence of two roles (Coach and Medical Representative), however, the architecture was built in such a way that it is possible to create any role for the participants during the training.

The Customer noted that 3 months after the launch of the platform, the costs and time for training employees has decreased in 2 times.

Technology Stack

Java J2EE, iOS, MySQL, Jpa, Spring, Websockets, Node.js, Angular, Maven.


6 months.