Enterprise Software Development

SENLA offers enterprise software development services to businesses that want to leverage the latest technological solutions and boost profits or scale.

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Enterprise Software Development

SENLA is an enterprise software development company providing services to clients all over the globe. Our top-notch engineers are capable of the most complex missions, from custom enterprise software development to enterprise software integration. We have helped clients from a large number of industries, including Healthcare and Insurance, E-commerce, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Logistics, and others.

We know your business has ambitious goals, and we have the expertise and the best tools to achieve them.

We Offer Multiple Enterprise Software Development Services

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Our team can develop complex solutions from scratch to meet the requirements of your business and tailor the applications to your specific objectives.

Enterprise Web Development

We can create a web portal or application of any complexity; our experienced engineers are ready to fulfill any of your ideas.

These solutions can be cloud-based or client-operated servers that will support all high-level operating systems and platforms.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

SENLA’s experts can design mobile apps that will be tailored to the needs of your enterprise. These applications will help you improve staff’s productivity or quickly engage large numbers of customers.

Here Is Our Enterprise Software Development Process

Our team has developed a precise and proven work algorithm consisting of 6 steps:

Analyzing business specifications

Step 1

Working up tech documentation

Step 2

Framing a basic concept

Step 3

Performing continuous server monitoring

Step 4

Testing and fixing bugs

Step 5

Providing further support

Step 6

Our Experts Deal Effectively With Difficult Challenges

We have worked on a large number of projects for enterprises from various industries. Each of our clients has had complex specific problems and business objectives, and each time we managed to help solve them. Here are some real cases:

A large European bank needed our help to protect customers from fraud. Attackers could get access to customer credit cards, so SENLA was entrusted to reduce the chances of fraud to a minimum.

We decided to develop some functions for the application intended for transaction control operators and bank administrators.

For example, we implemented the interactive check features of rules for terminal transactions and transactions from ATMs, interactive monitoring of suspicious transactions, and blocking of suspicious transactions.

The final result gave the bank a system for interactive control of money transactions, with a built-in user-friendly interface. This helped bank operators track suspicious transactions with ease.

The client informed us that, within half a year after the system was introduced, the number of unauthorized actions was cut by 75%.

An American enterprise from the Fortune 500 list engaged in producing and selling medical equipment needed our enterprise software development services.

The company wanted us to develop several applications that would help managers and sales agents create and approve documents and presentations.

We carefully studied the client’s requirements and created a set of programs with the appropriate features.
Now, the client’s employees can fill out order forms, make notes in the documents, see names and detailed descriptions of products, download or edit presentations and send them for approval to supervisors.

In a few months, forms were being approved two and a half times faster.

A medical company from the Fortune 500 list wanted us to create a training portal to improve the skills of the company’s staff.

We developed a portal and added a fine-tuned training system to it.

Now the users could set factors such as the number of medications each doctor has, the number of doctors and teams, and even their assessed skills.

Besides, we developed a mobile application that makes it convenient for employees to access the training portal.
A few months after the system was implemented, costs and training time was cut in half.

A company that provides passenger and freight transportation services wanted us to develop several sets of connected tools to automate and optimize a taxi service.

Our team created a main cloud-based module and then developed applications for several platforms so that they all operated seamlessly.

Consequently, the client received a complex solution with features such as automation of the dispatchers’ workplace and the drivers’ workplace, an intelligent order distribution system for drivers, automation of enterprise accounting, and more.

The client was satisfied that our system helped to automate the company’s routine processes and increase employee productivity.

Why Choose SENLA’s Enterprise Software Development Services?

We are 350+ top-level engineers
We have 300+ projects completed
We always complete projects on time
We have a very high Clutch rating
We always complete projects on time
Our experts are armed with the best technology stack