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Betting & Gambling

Betting & Gambling
software consulting
and development

SENLA can build iGaming software platforms for betting on the outcome of specific events or games online, bringing new possibilities for iGaming and betting operators. They can be used for all forms of online gambling and various activities including poker, sports betting, and online casinos.

Betting & Gambling

SENLA Betting &
Gambling software

We provide a wide range of tailored B2B betting and gambling solutions for service providers and consumers.



The global online gambling market is expected to grow at +57% in the next three years

Integration With 3d Party Services

SENLA fintech specialists integrate financial software with third-party payment gateways to guarantee a protected and secure payment process. The popularity of a payment gateway varies in different countries. Increase geographic coverage with multiple payment gateways and enhance user experience.

Compliance and security

Our team develops custom betting and gambling solutions in compliance with the Client’s requirement and strictly follows provided legal documents and specific laws regulating the betting and gambling industry.

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