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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas
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SENLA energy software for the Oil & Gas industry helps simplify, streamline and automate administration, fieldwork, asset, procurement, sales, and distribution processes. Our solutions enable better data forecasting, machine to machine communication, accurate decision capabilities, and equipment monitoring.

Oil & Gas


of Upstream & 91% of Downstream executives report that the pace of innovation in their organizations has accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies

We Offer

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Management System Solutions

    End-to-end pipeline management solutions can track transactions including allocations, nominations, gathering, plant processing, accruals, transportation, accounting, regulatory reporting, and capacity release with customer activity dashboards.

    Pipeline Performance Tracking System (PPTS)

    Pipeline performance tracking and simulation software will seamlessly integrate with intelligent sensor technology for real-time data viability, auditing of pressure and metering, causative factor analysis, environmental risk analysis, remediation data, and other metrics with condition-based alarms plus notifications.

    Oil & Gas Automation Software Services

    Use custom features of storage facility automation software for tank storage monitoring, inventory management (reconciliation, BOL reports, & leak detection), throughput analysis, emissions reports, terminal automation, and product movement tracking.

    LNG Management

    Optimize LNG operations with a fully-integrated solution that maximizes throughput by utilizing up-to-date inputs to manage the planning, scheduling, and inventory. Streamline scheduling of overseas vessels and improve delivery planning.

    Crude Management

    Simplify accounting processes, manage inventory, and streamline commercial operations to maximize productivity for key crude services such as gathering, transportation, and storage. Automate revenue disbursements, optimize liquids transportation, and minimize compliance issues.

    NGL Management

    Effectively model NGL mix acquisition, processing, movement, sale, and all associated accounting in a single system to streamline processes and increase operational efficiency. Manage complex contracts and optimize gas liquids transportation.

  • Land and Lease Management System Software

    We engineer cloud-based Land Management Systems (LMS) to optimize functions capturing land agreements. Rely on a single source for land management data, in a complete solution that offers industry-proven functionality and workflow automation for lease and title analysts, land administrators, and other land professionals.

    Lease Acquisition

    We create real-time connections between land professionals in the field and your land department, so you can secure mineral rights in the best exploration areas faster. Leverage built-in workflows to establish ownership, track progress, and review and approve agreements instantly.

    Field Service Management Software

    We develop oil field services management applications integrating real-time GPS data, multi-media capture capabilities, automated time and date stamping, and ERP systems into a centralized repository to track and schedule assets, automate data collection and compliance checklists.

    GIS Mapping and Integrations

    We code Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with 3rd party integrations for tract visualization, map editing, geofencing, geocoding, WITSML to acquire data to geosteer the wells with constant updates and other geospatial analytics for location-based KPIs.

    SCADA Monitoring

    We develop remote operations control systems to connect with field well assets using an integrated SCADA software system tied to sensor hardware to monitor and track wells and equipment with custom reporting dashboards, condition-based alarms, and standard encryption and archiving to safeguard data.

    Reservoir Management Software Services

    We integrate field development and reservoir management products and services including reservoir modeling, reservoir technology, flow simulation, well path design, well inflow simulation, and drilling technology software products.

    Oil and Gas Production Software

    We build custom oil and gas software for managing upstream exploration and production (E&P) processes with advanced software systems to optimize workflows, integrated schedules for upstream assets, display real-time analytics, maintenance activities, and revenue accounting.

    Accounting Software

    We provide complete oil and gas accounting and administrative solutions supported by state-of-the-art software. Our developers deliver services designed to help energy companies increase operational efficiency, improve business agility, and meet the demands of a changing workforce.

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