Fraud Management System to Protect Bank Transactions


A large European bank.


Any self-respecting bank does not stint in the choice of means and methods to protect the clients from theft and fraud. The Customer faced with the problem of protection against unauthorized actions in relation to the monetary operations of credit card holders.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely avoid fraud.  However, it is possible to greatly reduce the likelihood of such incidents with the development of a fraud management system, and it was entrusted to our company.

Solution and Outcome

Since this application was primarily intended for transaction control operators and bank administrators, we developed the following functional:


  • interactive check of rules for terminal transactions;
  • interactive check of rules for transactions from ATMs;
  • blocking of suspicious transactions;
  • notification of cardholders via SMS and e-mail;
  • interactive monitoring of suspicious transactions;
  • the flexibility of setting rules for checking and reactions.


SENLA developed a system for interactive control of banking transactions and user-friendly interface to help the operators of the bank analyze suspicious transactions. The software was designed for internal use and became the center of coordination and management of the security of all transactions with plastic cards.

The Customer noted that six months after the system was put into operation, the number of unauthorized actions in relation to cash transactions decreased in 4 times.

Technology Stack

C#, ActionScript, XML, .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET 2.0, MS VS2008, Flex Builder 3.2, Flash 10, WebORB 3.6, MS SQL Server 2005 Enterprise, Windows 2003 Server and llS 6, FTP  Server Gene 6.


5 months.