Healthcare Software Development & Consulting Services

SENLA offers professional healthcare software development and consulting services to clinics, hospitals, and other medical organizations.

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Healthcare Software Development & Consulting Services

SENLA is a team of devoted software development & consulting experts providing services to clients all over the world. We are top-notch engineers who can perform the most complex projects in the shortest possible time.

Due to more than ten years of experience, our team is able to create solid solutions that meet the requirements of our most demanding customers.

As specialists, we understand that the healthcare industry requires a special approach, as the price of a mistake may be too high. That’s why our healthcare software development approach relies on the years-proven development process that helps our products to avoid technical defects and data flaws.

For some development companies, the creation of healthcare solutions may be too risky, but the experience of our engineers allows us to work effectively and quickly.

The expertise allows us to act not only as a developer but also as a consultant. Our team solves specific business challenges and helps healthcare business grow and increase profits.

SENLA's Engineers Offers Multiple Healthcare Software Solutions

Our engineers create a range of solutions that can be focused on the diverse needs of medical organizations.

Postoperative care management solutions

Postoperative care management tools will monitor wound healing for early signs of SSI helping you to take care of your patients in the post-surgery period.

Thus, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction and avoid complications, as well as the risk to patients’ health.

Medical image analysis solutions

Using the capabilities of medical image analysis, you will be able to help your clients avoid medical errors and reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

Combining the powers of 3D imaging and image analysis technologies, every medical device manufacturer, innovator or researcher may overcome the unreliability of the human factor.

Personalized medical websites

Our team can create a full web resource where you can interact with your audience.

You will be able to share valuable information with customers, as well as make readers your leads with the help of valuable content. Readers will share content on social networks, and that will bring you even more leads and customers.

Chronic disease management solutions

Solutions of this type are mostly aimed at facilitating the lives of your patients by providing them with a personalized approach to treatment. The tool will help your patients order the appointments and receive advice on nutrition or physical activity, as well as remind them about medication intake.

Thus, you can not only make the patients’ lives easier, but also raise their satisfaction with your services, and as a consequence, your profits.

Healthcare data analytics solutions

Without analysis, large amounts of raw data are useless. With the help of data analytics tools, you will be able to “decipher” the meaning of figures and make them bring you value.

Reports and illustrative tables will give you the opportunity to ceaselessly receive smart insights and put them into work to get more money and customers.

Healthcare CRM solutions

CRM solutions play an important role for businesses in any industry, but solutions of this type are especially important in healthcare.

Such programs will help you see your patients as customers, thereby opening up opportunities for knowing their pain points deeper and building mutually beneficial relationships.

Multifunctionality of CRM solutions allows you to use them for a variety of purposes, for example, as social media, call center, or website. This way you can use the maximum number of diverse marketing channels that will help you get more new customers.

The purpose of using a CRM solution depends only on the requirements of your business and your imagination, and SENLA’s team will help you translate ideas into reality.

These Are Several Examples of Our Completed Projects

In order not to sound unfounded, we want to show you our capabilities. Here are some of the projects that we implemented for our clients from the healthcare industry.

Each of these projects was not an easy challenge, but we managed to cope with the tasks, so all our clients were satisfied.

A medical company from the Fortune 500 list asked us to develop a learning management system that would improve the professional skills of the company’s employees.

In 6 months, we created a portal and a training program with flexible options. For example, users could modify the number of doctors and the number of teams, as well as the number of assessed skills.

Additionally, we developed a mobile tool with a technical ability to run simulation data offline.

3 months after the implementation, the client told us that the costs and time for training employees have decreased twice.

A company that sells pharmaceutics in hospitals and pharmacies hired SENLA to develop a centralized system for storing and scheduling meetings of the company’s staff with customers.

The client also asked us to add a feature allowing to enter the results of the meeting and supply forecasts and a feature helping to store and monitor clients.

Based on the Salesforce platform, we developed a flexible data model to store all the entities of the client’s business.

Our engineers also created a custom planning calendar for employees so it could store information about joint visits to customers, activities, vacations, and even performance indicators.

As a result, the client received a solution helping to plan schedules, make appointments with clients, enter meeting results, and relevant and planned sales metrics.

The company’s executives were able to monitor the productivity of staff and separate silos according to actual performance indicators.

A British company that provides private medical services wanted us to create a mobile tool for tablets on the Android OS.

The primary requirement was to integrate the solution with multiple medical devices that track the patient’s parameters, such as temperature and blood pressure.

Our engineers have completed the task and also added a list of valuable features, such as the automatic connection of new medical devices that are within the range of the tablet and providing information about the state of a patient’s health to his or her family.

The client was satisfied with the final solution as it allowed him to expand the business and broaden the list of provided medical services.

Why Choose SENLA's Healthcare Software Development & Consulting Services

For many years, we've been delivering full-cycle development and consulting services to our clients from Fortune 500 Enterprises in 20 countries worldwide. Here are the reasons why clients prefer us:

Our team consists of more than 350 skillful engineers
Our experts are armed with the latest technology stack
Our experts successfully completed 300+ projects
Our team has a very high rating on Clutch
SENLA’s developers do not violate the agreements or miss deadlines
Our engineers rely on the solid and time-proven software development process