Hospital App Development Services

SENLA’s hospital app development services help medical organizations all over the world increase staff productivity and revenue.

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Hospital App Development

SENLA is a software development company providing services to hospitals and other medical organizations worldwide. Our team members accomplish the most complex tasks, from consulting to custom hospital app development and integration.

We understand the needs of modern hospitals and know how to help them increase employee productivity, patient satisfaction, and revenue.

All our solutions are tailored to the business requirements of our clients and tied to their real business objectives.

Our Hospital Apps Have Multiple Advantages

Our experts do everything to ensure that our solutions benefit our customers. That is why our solutions have several important advantages.

Our apps are easy to use

Any mobile app should be both functional and convenient, so it becomes a handy solution for medical specialists. Thus, when developing hospital solutions for physicians, we take time to explore potential users’ workflows and understand their specific challenges and needs. This approach allows us to create valuable solutions that are organically built into your staff’s daily routine and have only those features that really matter.

Our apps can work on multiple platforms

Our engineers develop solutions for most popular platforms, such as iOS or Android. We also develop cross-platform applications to help our clients reach the maximum number of users.

If you are not sure which platform suits your needs better, contact us and our experts will help.

Our apps can be customized

We understand that each business has its own specific needs and faces individual challenges. That is why we create solutions that are tailored to your workflow and business requirements.

Our Hospital Solutions Contain All Most Actual and Valuable Features

  • Patient tracking
  • Smart scheduling
  • Knowledge base
  • Online appointment booking
  • Doctor-patient communication arrangement
  • Dosage and appointment reminders
  • Patient diagnostics and report database
  • Chat windows and virtual assistants (bots)
  • Push notifications
  • Payment gateway integration
  • One-touch calls to hospitals
  • Location-based tracking

Here Are Some Examples of Our Completed Projects

Our engineers have extensive experience in the healthcare industry. In addition to developing solutions from scratch, they successfully integrate new apps with our clients’ existing systems.

A Fortune 500 medical company hired our team to develop a learning management system that would help improve the staff’s professional skills.

We created a portal and training program with fine-tuning capabilities. Thus, potential users could set a number of doctors and number of teams, a number of meetings in the round and some skills assessed.

Our team members also developed a mobile solution for employees of the organization and gave the system the ability to work without an Internet connection.

As a result, our client noted that three months after the release of our solution the costs and time for training the company’s employees have decreased twice.

A British company that provides private medical services hired SENLA to develop a mobile solution for tablets on the Android OS. We were also given an additional task: the solution needed to have the ability to be integrated with various medical devices that track the patient’s condition based on characteristics such as temperature and blood pressure.

Our engineers developed a mobile app that met the expectations of our client and also had some additional features. The ready-made app could make calls to medical personnel, provide information to the patient’s relatives and friends about conditions for a specific period, and automatically connect new medical devices.

The client was satisfied with our solution since it helped him to raise business to a new level of profit through the significant expansion of provided services.

Why Choose SENLA’s Hospital App Development Services?

We are 350+ top-level engineers
We have 300+ projects completed
We have a very high Clutch rating
We always complete projects on time
Our experts are armed with the best technology stack
We have 36 clients globally