Developement of Instant Messenger to Optimize Time Costs


A company from Western Europe, that decided to create its own local messenger.


We had to develop a mobile application that could work without the Internet connection when users are at a small distance from each other. The problem was that the company’s employees made frequent flights, being in different parts of the cabin of the aircraft and, accordingly, not being able to communicate with each other.

Solution and Outcome

Our team developed mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms and a system that operates on the basis of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework. The application also has a set of the following important characteristics:


  • all sorts of filterings for finding interested groups of interlocutors;
  • geolocation;
  • determination of the distance to the interlocutor.


Thanks to the decision from SENLA, the customer got the necessary system at the output, which allowed to increase the productivity of employees, as they got the opportunity to be in touch at any time, wherever they were.

Technology Stack

Objective-C, Java.


6 months.