Legacy Technologies Replacement


The Customer is a series of government organizations from Eastern Europe. These are executive bodies, which are responsible for the development and implementation of state policy and legal regulations in various sectors.


The Customer faced the problem of using legacy technologies. It has become very problematic to support them and accumulate modern features.

The Customer had many tasks and he was short of people. Our engineering team had to upgrade the code of the system by rewriting it to more modern programming languages and add advanced features. The main goal of the project was carrying out electronic document circulation.

The Customer wanted to have a rewritten document management tool that could perform the old functions with the new ones simultaneously.

Solution and Outcome

At the very beginning, our team received a technical specification and accesses from the Customer. After clarifying all the questions, we started to perform tasks.

Our tasks were related to a front-end development, that is why our team has chosen Angular as the technology for rewriting. Angular allows software engineers to develop the project faster. It also simplifies the support and scale processes.

Then a business analyst formed a new technical specificationю. We divided it into tasks and started the implementation process. All the tasks assigned to our team were realized successfully.

Technology Stack

Angular, TypeScript


9 months

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