Optimizing the System for a Major Performance Marketing and Online Website Monetization Company


A major player in performance marketing and online website monetization from Israel with more than 400 employees.


The Customer specializes in attracting users through the analysis of statistics of attendance of web resources. In connection with the expansion of business and an increasing number of analyzed resources and types of data, the Customer needed to optimize the existing system. SENLA was asked to improve the quality of the code and, as a result, the system’s ability to work with an ever-increasing amount of resources without loss of efficiency.

The Customer had a poor experience of working with his previous software development vendor, as during the development and support phases of the project, team members changed regularly. The consequence of this was the lack of a typical style of code, the difficulty in integrating new modules into the existing system, and the problem of system performance.

Although these were not the challenges of implementing a new information system, the amount of work still was expected to be substantial.

The Customer chose SENLA after comparing some potential suppliers and detailed study of our portfolio and expertise. The Customer expected an established development process, the ability to rapidly expand the existing system without loss of performance.

Solution and Outcome

The peculiarity of the project was the implementation of changes and their application in a real environment, which was risky for the Customer’s business.

Due to this issue, the project included a stage of studying the activities of the Customer, the features of the data being processed, the types of reporting, the platforms and services used.

The Customer conducted training, presenting information about the company’s work, partner companies, plans for the company’s development, and interaction of the development team and other departments.

The increase in system performance included several steps:

  • the study of the system and its optimization by the DevOps specialist;
  • search for opportunities to optimize existing code;
  • search for system bottlenecks that limit expansion;
  • preparation of steps for training new employees on the project;
  • increasing code maintainability, refactoring, using a single code style.

All the changes were carried out jointly with the SENLA’s QA department. The QA process was established in connection with the criticality of inconsistencies in the operation of the system for the Customer’s business.

Thanks to our development methodologies, the average speed of task execution increased twice. The Client received the team with an established process of verifying the code and team interaction, which allows him to attract new employees and expand the existing system.

The Client has repeatedly expressed gratitude to our team because over time, the process of training new employees has further accelerated.

Technology Stack

Java EE.


10 months.