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Bosch – a world-leading multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Germany.


The Customer had a desktop application with simple functionality, which helped to monitor the work of the production unit. But it was too inconvenient to bring a laptop to the production unit every time. SENLA needed to develop an iOS mobile application, which should allow employees to monitor the quality of the products in the production unit on the go.

Solution and Outcome

Our business analyst gathered all the requirements and wrote a detailed specification. According to that specification, our team divided the core and additional functionality. The core module should be in the form of a questionnaire that described all the production steps in detail. The user should have the possibility to:
1) Create records
2) Name the parts
3) Specify all the parameters
4) Describe the equipment
5) Record production work
6) Describe the flow and timeframe
7) Fill in the points of purchase
8) Calculate the number of wastes

Next step was the development of additional functionality. First of all, the Customer needed to have all this information standardized: export it in PDF or Excel format. But then the problem occurred: IOS mobile doesn’t support Excel at all. Our team has found the solution by using the library, which parsed the database in the needed format with the right width of cells for text, sketches, photos, notes.

Then our team has solved the problem of local storage since iPhones and iPads don’t have local storage for files. The users should specify the email to send the information after choosing the option “Export”.

The next additional feature was taking photo notes. We have developed a graphics editor in order to take a photo, with a possibility to draw on this picture and then save it. Also, we added the opportunity to make text notes and notes in the form of a sketch.

One more feature was handwriting recognition. The user could write on the screen with the finger and then the handwriting was converted in the text notes. Usually, such a system needs the Internet. We made it offline by developing the library that allowed to recognize the handwriting without the Internet.

When the application was ready, the Customer was very satisfied with the work done. As a result, the product owner got a promotion.

Technology Stack

Swift, Objective-C, ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveSwift, SQLite, CoreStore, Engine WritePadAPI, XlsxWriter, DDMathParser, Fastlane


6 months

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