Ride Sharing App Development For a Fortune 500 Company


Bosch – a world-leading multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Germany. The company pays a lot of attention to scientific research.


Although the factories have their own shuttles, a significant number of employees needed a flexible schedule for arrivals and departures. The essence of the project is the company’s concern for its employees.

The problem arose due to the huge size of the organization.

The Client wanted to get a tool that would solve the problem of people logistics, as well as carry out small social networking.

We worked with Bosch earlier, and at one meeting, someone from the management said that they had such a problem, and we had a solution.

Solution and Outcome

Business analysts gathered all the requirements and wishes of the Client. Then the RnD department developed the concept and implemented it for a focus group.

Client helped us with forming the focus group and helped conduct live testing.

As a result, we created a ridesharing system according to the Client’s needs.

Our system solved the Client’s problem by improving the logistics of employees and the social component of the teams.

Technology Stack

MySQL, Android, Bolts Framework, Linux, PHP7, jQuery, LESS, Backbone, Underscore.js, Slick Grid, Yii Framework, Yii Framework 2, Nginx, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Redis, Memcache, Docker, Kannel.


2 months.

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