Salesforce Integration with Third-Party Services


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The Customer needed integration with 3rd party services for accounting, as their services have very dynamic pricing.

The main problem was the proper tracking of the accounting system. PDF files for each of their clients were created with default data, which then had to be changed manually.

We had to transfer the entire ecosystem of the Customer to Salesforce and we needed to do it in a proper way, in order not to lose pricing flexibility.

Solution and Outcome

Our collaboration began with a detailed description of all processes on the part of the Customer. Then we started to perform a pilot task.

After Customer’s approval, we began to work further with the settings of the automation process of the Customer’s service.

The Customer’s manager worked closely with our team, promptly providing all the necessary access and layouts. The process of working with the Customer’s representative was as follows: we had small sessions (a day or two), then we implemented the scope of work and called up again to demonstrate a demo.

After that, we discussed further development and agreed on the establishment of a specific user manual on how to configure the system.

During operation stages, some nuances arose with the use of the Salesforce license by the Customer, which also had to be taken into account when setting up the system.

As a result, all tasks were released even ahead of schedule, and the Customer was very pleased with the work done.

Technology Stack

Breadwinner, CongaComposer, Xero


2 months

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