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SENLA offers business analytics services to enterprises that want to integrate data or receive strategic insights across their global digital systems.

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Business Analytics Services

SENLA’s business analytics services is the way to make sure that all of your requirements are carefully collected and documented in a very specific way. It guarantees that all product requirements will be fully described, customizable and easy to support in future.

We Offer Multiple Enterprise Business Analytics Services & Business Intelligence Services

Survey Analytics

Our team can use the data to help you find out everything about your competitors and customers. Thus, you will receive a competitive advantage and be able to be ahead of other businesses in your niche.

Risk Analytics

Our experts help you calculate all the risks so that you could know about all the potential pitfalls of your business. We will not only make sure that you do not spend a cent in vain, but also that your money return you a hundredfold.

Predictive Analytics

With our business intelligence services, you will be able to predict the behavior of potential customers and use this knowledge to make smarter business decisions and increase revenue.

Visual Analytics

SENLA’s team uses diagrams and dashboards to visualize business analytics data and make it understandable and intuitive. You will be able to use the data and increase the profitability of your business in the easiest manner possible.

Retail Analytics

We will tell you how to improve business profitability by attracting and retaining most lucrative clients. You will also learn how to draw large numbers of new customers ceaselessly.

Financial Analytics

Our team will provide you with models and strategies to improve your economic and financial metrics.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our experts will tell you how to reduce spending on your supply chain. Moreover, you will be able to raise profits and attract even more customers.

Text Analytics

Using our business analytics services, you can convert text data on your market and competitors into smart business insights.

Collections Analytics

Would you like to spiff up company’s financial resilience and cash flows? SENLA’s experts will fine-tune your accounts receivable strategy to raise your business to a new income level.

Contact Center Analytics

Data and our analytics services will help to raise your call center interactions to a qualitatively new level. You will be able to find new levels of interest and profitable business niches or quickly find out about the problem areas of your business.

We Have Deep Expertise In

Data Mining
Data Analysis
Data Reporting
Data Intelligence

These Are Our Business Analytics Process Steps

Requirements Gathering

Analysts of our company will conduct a detailed survey of product managers of the Customer according to all the functional and non-functional requirements, not forgetting the need to integrate the product with other systems.

Requirements Documentation

During this step, Business Analysts will document all data regarding a final product, according to documentation template mutually agreed with the Customer.

Continuous Versioning

During project implementation steps, Business Analysts will update all the documentation, according to change requests from the Client’s side.

Why Choose SENLA's Business Analytics Services

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