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Audit is an important milestone for software development that can help analyze the problems and limitations, provide with viable insights and ways to improve your systems and processes.

Audit services

Audit services
that we offer

What we offer

Compliance Audit

Follow the result of the compliance audit conducted for your specifications to get rid of possible inconsistencies and get better efficiency, effectiveness, and profit of your business on different levels.

Technical Audit

Improve your systems with
the audit conducted by our technical experts that will help you determine what
is functioning correctly, what needs improvement and what changes are necessary

Risk Assessment

Understand your company better and gain a better company’s internal control by identifying and assessing various risks connected to fraud, errors or automated systems’ flaws.

Operational Audits

Increase your business’s effectiveness and make it more competitive on the market with an independent audit of your key cross-department processes and systems.


Gain clear visibility of software quality with QA audit that will identify the current state of the quality assurance processes and QA-related problems.

Data Analytics

Get better business understanding, advanced planning and risk assessments, identify problem areas by timely analyzing and using huge amounts of data.

UX Audit

Use UX audit and usability testing that will help you identify all problems and bottlenecks in the interface, resulting in positive reviews, high traffic and high conversion rate of your platform.

Benefits of IT audit:


Enhance business

Discover things
to improve

Save money

Verify compliance

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