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BA and SA services

SENLA offers business analytics services to enterprises that want to integrate data or receive strategic insights across their global digital systems

BA/SA services

Business Analytics &
Business Intelligence

We offer multiple enterprise business analytics services:

Visual Analytics

SENLA’s team uses diagrams and dashboards to visualize business analytics data and make it understandable and intuitive. You will be able to use the data and increase the profitability of your business in the easiest manner possible.

Predictive Analytics

With our business intelligence services, you will be able to predict the behavior of potential customers and use this knowledge to make smarter business decisions and increase revenue.

Risk Analytics

Our experts help you calculate all the risks so that you could know about all the potential pitfalls of your business. We will not only make sure that you do not spend a cent in vain, but also that your money returns you a hundredfold.

Survey Analytics

Our team can use the data to help you find out everything about your competitors and customers. Thus, you will receive a competitive advantage and be able to be ahead of other businesses in your niche.

Text Analytics

Using our business analytics services, you can convert text data on your market and competitors into smart business insights.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our experts will tell you how to reduce spending on your supply chain. Moreover, you will be able to raise profits and attract even more customers.

Financial Analytics

Our team will provide you with models and strategies to improve your economic and financial metrics.

Retail Analytics

We will tell you how to improve business profitability by attracting and retaining the most lucrative clients. You will also learn how to draw large numbers of new customers ceaselessly.

Contact Center Analytics

Data and our analytics services will help to raise your call center interactions to a qualitatively new level. You will be able to find new levels of interest and profitable business niches or quickly find out about the problem areas of your business.

Collections Analytics

Would you like to spiff up the company's financial resilience and cash flows? SENLA’s experts will fine-tune your accounts receivable strategy to raise your business to a new income level.

We Have Deep Expertise in:


Business Analysis

Our specialists are ready to evaluate the Client’s business, analyze difficulties and bottlenecks and propose efficient custom IT solutions according to the business demands, market trends, and best practices.

Data Analysis

From data mining to product efficiency indicators, analysts can provide various evaluations and reports to maximize the business value of the product.

Systems Analysis

Systems analysts perform evaluation and documentation of high-level architecture design with detailed integrations descriptions. Microservice interfaces, message queue design, integration with ESB - all sorts of integrations managed to provide consistent, reliable, and flexible systems on demand.

Our BA process

These are our business analytics process steps

Requirements Gathering

Analysts of our company will conduct a detailed survey of the Client’s requirements for the product using various techniques of data gathering: interviews, documentation studies, target user evaluation, assessments, etc. Functional requirements, non-functional requirements, perspective, and main business goals will define the future product to fulfill business needs, Client’s expectations, and end-user satisfaction.

High-level Market Research

After the key requirements are highlighted, analysts will perform high-level research of the currently available solutions either to implement in the upcoming product to lower the production costs, or to take a peek at the best solutions to make the new product better using the best practices and insights.

Requirements Documentation

At this step, the analyst will prepare required project documentation according to the project needs, from Jira User Stories to SRS. Requirements specifications are prepared in such a way that can be readable to various stakeholders. With those artifacts, the Client can visualize and adjust the future appearance and function of the product while developers and quality assurance can have detailed descriptions of what to do.

Continuous Versioning

Every concept, any implementation can be changed to suit the most recent conditions and requirements. Even if the primary documentation is already confirmed, iterative changes can be implemented. The analyst is always ready to improve existing solutions, update project documentation and perform necessary agility to improve the project version to version until the final rollout.

Usage and Efficiency Analysis

Even after the production cycle is over and the product was delivered to the Client, analysts can be engaged in the efficiency analysis. Using big data services, system logs, and product metrics, analysts will investigate bottlenecks, evaluate business effectiveness and useability and provide necessary reports on the running system.


Requirements Gathering

High-level Market Research

Requirements Documentation

Continuous Versioning

Usage and Efficiency Analysis

System Analytics services

Our system analysts and architects can design your system from scratch or customize your legacy system to meet modern architectural requirements. Depending on the needs of the SA, you will first be advised on the most appropriate architectural approach and then get the architectural documentation that you can work on.

Microservice architecture

The most recent approach to create reliable, scalable, and flexible solutions. Systems Analyst can provide all the documentation for the developers and Customers to either improve existing architecture or create new. Sequence diagrams, request-response mocks, database designs will help stakeholders to build an effective microservice-based system.

Monolithic architecture

Monolithic solutions are still in the game, especially in small businesses and legacy solutions. The main flaw of the monolith architecture is rigidness when it comes to modification. System analyst will provide stakeholders with certain solutions to modify monolith functionality according to the recent requirements whether it is a transfer to “microservice-over-monolith” architecture design, or endpoint and logic modification requirements.

Bus integration

While being quite pricey, ESB solutions provide the most reliable, flexible, and effective integrations for microservice-based systems. Most major businesses use ESB as a core integration platform. Our System analysts are acquainted with the most popular ESB solutions on the market and can design your ESB integrations to meet the security, performance, and business requirements.

Synchronous and asynchronous interaction

Different integration approaches are required for different business needs and restrictions. What to choose? System analyst will concern the project’s requirements and propose the most suitable integration implementation: REST interfaces, message queue or even ESBs will be implemented right where they should be to provide the best performance, security, and reliability of the system

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