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Our Software Development Solutions

We develop exclusive software solutions depending on the needs of your business. By combining our experience with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as with large companies around the world, we guarantee a high-quality implementation of software projects.

We also provide support after the implementation of the solution. If bugs are found during the use of the product, SENLA will eliminate them for free.

Enterprise Software Development

The main tasks of enterprise software are connected with such issues, as enterprise resource planning, including HRM, CRM, accounting and project management.

This type of software is aimed to quickly realize a positive ROI through performing different kinds of financial tasks: online payment processing, accounting and automated billing.

Enterprise software is a set of customizable apps aimed to improve company’s productivity and efficiency.

Custom Applications Development

We have an extensive technical experience in the following industries: Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Education, Insurance, IoT, Social Networks.

Because of this, we create custom desktop, web and mobile applications that provide a competitive advantage for our Clients.

SENLA assists its Clients at all stages of the product development process – from requirements collection to solution support.

Technical Consulting and Architecture Development

SENLA is an expert on finding technological solutions, performing a comparative analysis of possible ways to implement a project.

Our specialists carry out an audit of current systems of the Client to identify the steps optimizing such processes as performance of the solution and its compliance with the current and possible business needs of the Client in the future.

SENLA’s services in the field of technical consulting help to optimize financial and temporal costs for the implementation of solutions. We consolidate them into a single infrastructure with a flexible and transparent management mechanism, leaving space for further growth of business competitiveness.

Support and Maintenance of IT Systems

After finalization and implementation of the project, SENLA provides such support lines, as identification and fixing bugs in the software. We also work on performance improvement: speed, reliability and fault tolerance.

SENLA Advantages

Lifetime Warranty

We appreciate our Clients. If errors are found after the implementation of solution, SENLA will eliminate them for free.

Continuous Project Support

Experienced project managers will keep you updated on the current issues throughout the whole development process.

Technologies Expertise

We always keep up with the times and modern trends. Our services are backed by a strong legacy of technical expertise.

Focus on Product Quality

Quality is at the forefront of our Client service: our implementation teams are 20% composed of quality assurance engineers.

Professional Team

Our highly-qualified team of 100+ software engineers, designers, analysts and managers will help you realize your business ideas.

Solid Privacy and Security

Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is one of our main principles. We strictly follow all our agreements in this field.