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UX/UI development

UX/UI development
and audit services

We create highly usable and intuitive designs in both B2B and B2C markets. SENLA is committed to implementing UX approaches in the development of all software products and aimed at creating the best user experience and achieving customer goals.


User Experience services

We focus on solving customer problems taking into account the needs of users, thus we always conduct a study of the target audience, business and competitors.

  • Comprehensive UX audit of a product or service

    Our specialists have experience in conducting UX audits using expert methods for evaluating the interface, as well as evaluation methods of usability testing involving users

  • Prototyping and creating design layouts

    We are guided by research results and the best UX practices. We give graphic recommendations on the example of existing pages and modules, or design new ones.

What are we testing?

Usability testing

Websites and web

Desktop applications

Mobile applications

Prototypes and design layouts

Usability testing:
what does it include?

Usability testing can be carried out at any stage of the development process, and it is better to conduct it iteratively to identify all problems and bottlenecks in the interface. Even a single test of the user interface greatly improves the end result.

Conformity assessment of application design with its functionality specified by the customer

Analysis of graphic elements and color design in terms of perception

Assessment of interface accessibility for people with disabilities according to WCAG and GOST

Analysis of the font design of text, typography, contrast

Analysis of information architecture, ease of navigation, search, link structure

Analysis of text content: information and tonality of content

Analysis of UI elements and their usability

Evaluation of usability of services and functions of the system

Tools and techniques for
usability testing

Tools and techniques

Corridor testing

Manual A/B testing on mock-ups

Heuristic evaluation and other expert methods

Usability testing with user involving

A/B testing in web analytics

Remote usability testing with user involvement using special services

Contextual observation

Checking on checklists and best practices

A/B testing in software implementation

UX audit and
usability testing

  • Team

    UX specialist
    Interface designer

    Tools and techniques

    Expert methods for evaluating interface are used in conjunction with evaluation methods involving users as part of a full UX audit of the website/application

    Assessments by standards and guidelines (platforms, states, design systems)

    Checklists of best practices for usability testing

    Checking application availability according to WCAG and GOST

    Heuristic rating

  • Team

    UX specialist as a testing moderator
    Observers from the client’s side may be involved

    Tools and techniques

    If it is possible to test the application with real or potential users, we recommend that the client use this opportunity. Since it is important to consider the context of use and the technical skills of the audience

    Selection of test metrics

    Testing scripts and observer patterns

    Audio and video recording of testing

    Interface evaluation templates: System Usability Scale

    Microsoft Cards for emotional evaluation

    Remote testing using special services

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