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Blockchain consulting
and development

SENLA is a high-end blockchain development company delivering various smart solutions for SMBs and enterprises all over the globe.


SENLA’s Blockchain
consulting services

We help organizations understand and identify how blockchain can be applied in various business processes. SENLA will deeply study the specifics and needs of your business to guide you through all the steps of blockchain implementation.

Blockchain strategy

SENLA’s experts create business process management tools that help our clients analyze, optimize, or automate the inner processes of their companies. This software can fine-tune your specific processes or improve overall corporate performance

Blockchain audit

We build project architecture and logic, assess its performance, and check its functionality resistance to contingency cases as part of our blockchain consulting process

Blockchain security

We are ready to show you and employ the highest level of data encryption that is currently available based on the secure, autonomous, decentralized, and transparent nature of blockchain

Our blockchain
development services


App development

SENLA aimed at building decentralized apps that run on a P2P network rather than on 
a single computer using Ethereum, Polkadot, Hyperledger, and EOS

ICO development services

We help our clients gain the trust of their investors by providing reliable and transparent ICO development services: from initial coin offering solutions such as ICO launch service, landing page creation, token creation and distribution, whitepaper drafting to post initial coin offering development services and blockchain software development

Blockchain suite implementation

You can create a private blockchain in your institution or corporation. Such a system will help your company reduce costs and raise security to a qualitatively new level.

Smart contracts benefits

Through smart contract development, your business will eliminate human error by automating record-keeping, storage, and retrieval.
The key benefits include:

Ensured implementation of the network rules

Enhanced data security

Low risk of fraud or malicious alterations

Full transparency of actions for all involved parties

Very fast execution of transactions

Increased scalability and cost-efficiency

Benefits of our blockchain solutions for your industry


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