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SENLA provides DevOps services to SMBs and global enterprises to guarantee end-to-end automation and continuous delivery to optimize time, costs and efficiency.


DevOps Toolchain Diagram

“Teams that practice DevOps deploy 30x more frequently, have 60x fewer failures, and recover 160x faster”

We Break Top Concerns

We often hear similar questions:

How can we release it on time?

How can we have a stable release?

How can we address the problems before end users get impacted?

The answer is simple: “DevOps”

If you are a startup, a mid-sized company or a Fortune 500 enterprise, you should know that the IT industry is adopting DevOps rapidly

SENLA is always at your service to help with its implementation


By implementing our DevOps approach, you will experience these key benefits

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    Improved deployment frequency


    Early detection and correction of issues


    Reduced failure rate of new releases


    Facilitated release planning

Our DevOps
consulting process


DevOps engineer analyzes the technologies and requirements of the project, coordinates all the key points with the project team. DevOps engineer makes a clear plan for the creation of process and environment for developers, QA engineers, and production employees, as well as for additional monitoring and product support before the transition to the active phase.


  • DevOps engineer analyzes the technologies and Interaction with the software development department.
  • Creation and configuration of CI&CD for the development environment.
  • Software development department support.


  • Interaction with the QA department.
  • Creation and configuration of CI&CD for the test environment.
  • QA department support.

Infrastructure as code

Managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files.


  • Design of production environment.
  • CI&CD process setup.

Monitoring and support

  • Installation and configuration of monitoring systems. 
  • Full CI&CD cycle support.




Infrastructure as code


Monitoring and support

  • Continuous integration

    Consider an application that has its code stored in a Git repository in GitLab. Developers push code changes every day, multiple times a day.

    For every push to the repository, you can create a set of scripts to build and test your application automatically, decreasing the chance of introducing errors to your app.

  • Continuous delivery

    Your application is not only built and tested at every code change pushed to the codebase, but, as an additional step, it’s also deployed continuously, though the deployments are triggered manually.

    This method ensures the code is checked automatically but requires human intervention to manually and strategically trigger the deployment of the changes.

  • Continuous deployment

    In a continuous deployment process, every validated change is automatically released to users. This process eliminates the need for scheduled release days and accelerates the feedback loop. Smaller, more frequent releases allow developers to get user feedback quickly and address issues with more agility and accuracy.

    It does not require human intervention at all to have your application deployed.

DevOps services in action

There are three main approaches to this methodology, each of them to be applied according to what best suits your strategy.

App Development
Continuous monitoring and feedback
  • DevOps
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Agile Development

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