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SENLA is a company offering mobile app development services to businesses that want to attract the most demanding customers and build a solid mobile strategy.

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Custom Mobile App Development

SENLA is a mobile app development company that will do everything necessary to transfer your business processes on mobile platforms. Whether you need a minimum viable product or a complex mobile solution with third-party integration – we are here to help you.

We tailor all products to the needs of our clients and take every step in the development process only taking into account your business requirements.

SENLA’s Engineers Develop Applications for Several Mobile Platforms

Our team covers the most popular mobile platforms.


Creating a custom solution is not just about writing lines of code. It requires the deep understanding of the environment, as well as peculiarities of the platform. When your business faces the issues of mobile app development, our iOS mobile app development services are here to help.


SENLA designs and develops Android applications for smartphones and tablets. Our developers constantly accumulate their experience, creating applications for various industries. The development of a quality Android application lasts from several weeks to several months, depending on the requirements of the Client.


Developers in SENLA create desktop, web and mobile applications that can run on multiple platforms and operating systems. Thus, you save money by refusing to create native applications for each of the platforms.

Our Team Creates Custom Mobile Solutions of Multiple Types

Since 2012, we've been delivering full-cycle mobile app development services to our clients ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 Enterprises in 20 countries all over the world.

Take Care of Your Business With SENLA

This Is How Our Mobile App Development Lifecycle Looks Like

Our development lifecycle consists of several steps. Let's look at each of them.

Planning and Requirements Gathering

First, our business analysts collect requirements from the Client. At this stage, we need to understand how the main functions of the future application will look.

We also determine how long it takes to develop the application and how much our mobile application development process will cost. Then we analyze the Client’s competitors to know where we can stand out.


Here we visualize the future application in the form of sketches, based on our research and your ideas. The main goal of the second stage is to identify all the problems associated with ease of use.

Technical Assessment

Visualization is not enough. We need to know whether backend systems can support application’s functionality. Also, we should decide what platform and what format will be used for building an app.

Building a Prototype

We create a prototype that will allow us to look at the application from the user’s side. We will be able to understand how it works and make sure that everything is going in the right direction.

UI/UX Design of an App

We develop the design of the application before we start writing code. Our UX designers create the architecture of the elements of your application, while the UI designers create an appearance. This stage gives a real picture of how the application and its elements will look.

Development of an App

After the creation and approval of the design, we move on to writing code. As a rule, we develop an application using the Agile methodology. It is considered the best option for developing mobile applications, since we can make changes to the process throughout the whole development phase.

App Testing

As we have our own quality assurance department, we constantly test various functionalities of the application. Before the release of the application, we engage people from your target audience to test usability, as it is important for us to receive a feedback.


On this stage your app is ready to be submitted to the app stores. Nevertheless, it is not the end of mobile application development lifecycle, as over time every app requires some updates.

Our Team Developed Mobile Apps for Businesses with a Wide Range of Business Requirements

A popular British tourist magazine wanted us to create an app allowing users to create custom tours of unusual places in different cities and attach audio stories to these tours.

SENLA’s experts designed the multifunctional mobile system for iOS and Android platforms.

The system had such features as work without internet connection, detection of certain location points, escorting a tourist all over the route, and a map of hidden local attractions.

The client was satisfied with our product and noted that we took into account all the business requirements.

A local business that provides passenger and freight transportation services needed our mobile app development services. SENLA’s team was hired to create groups of interrelated tools for automation and optimization of the taxi service.

As a first step, we designed the main system unit in the form of a cloud-based SaaS application. Then, we developed a number of additional mobile apps for Android and iOS.

As a result, we created a single complex system, which had a number of multiple useful functions.

The system had such features as automation of the dispatcher’s workplace, automation of the telephony service, and automation of the driver’s workplace.

We also decided to add several additional features to the application. For example, we added SMS notifications, interactive map, referral systems for customers.

The client was pleased with SENLA’s custom mobile app development services as we have tailored the system to the company needs and took into account all the wishes and nuances.

A California startup that received US government grants for business development hired our team to develop a system allowing producing 3D foot scanning from various angles with a smartphone.

SENLA’s engineers created the system and iOS tool with the feature of scanning users’ feet at any angle. We also implemented a training module into the solution.

The client was satisfied with our work, as the system was stable and multiple footwear manufacturers have managed to appreciate it.

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