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Manual Testing

Manual Testing services

SENLA delivers QA services to clients from more than 20 countries. Our high-quality QA engineers perform all types of manual and automated testing.

Manual Testing

Multiple manual software
testing services

Quality Assurance

Acceptance testing

We will check the product and provide you with the testing results so you could make changes if certain goals are not met, and the product should be redone.

Web app testing

Our experts will ensure that your web application is fully functional and runs smoothly and securely.

UI testing

We will make sure that the tool’s design elements are working and all buttons, toolbars, icons, etc. respond to user input.

API testing

SENLA will test a set of application programming interfaces directly and as a part of an integration test to determine if they meet expectations
for functionality, reliability, performance,
and security.

Cross-platform testing

Our team will test your product’s performance and make sure that the product is ready to work on the whole range of different platforms.

Mobile testing

We’ll make sure that potential customers can conveniently use your mobile app and that it works quickly and runs like a clockwork.

Localization testing

We will check the localized version of your product to see whether it works well with specific local settings for users from
different countries.

Test audit

The team will carry out an analysis of the testing process and deliver feedback in the form of reports.

UX audit

We can test your product’s user-friendliness to make sure that potential users will easily learn the tool’s functionality and won’t get stuck at any point in a journey within your tool.

quality assurance process


  • Identifying your business and IT goals by interviewing key persons in your company
  • Learning more about your current practices and activities
  • Planning an approximate scope of work


  • Defining responsibilities of each team member
  • Setting up KPIs and SLAs
  • Selecting test tools
  • Setting up test environment
  • Developing test cases


  • Executing tests
  • Managing KPIs
  • Analyzing test results
  • Assessing SLA
  • Optimizing the process and transferring knowledge 




Why choose
SENLA's QA services


High quality of work

All projects are completed without exceeding

Advanced level of transparency during the testing process

A wide scope of the latest testing software

Understandable and apparent project results

Ceaseless collaboration between our experts and your team

Testing toolkit

Our software
testing toolkit

While providing software testing services, we develop test-cases and conduct bug-tracking in our own system or in the system of the client. Our team uses the following tools:







Fake GPS









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