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Make Your Salesforce Great Again

SENLA is rated by Clutch and listed 1st among Top Development Firms and Top Salesforce Consultants. Our team consisting of 20+ skilled Salesforce experts and engineers is experienced is Salesforce customization, development, and integration. We solve customer’s business challenges that may seem too complex to other:

  • Product Development Services: Salesforce App Exchange, Heroku;
  • Salesforce CRM integration with other systems;
  • Implementation and customization of Services Cloud and Salesforce CRM;
  • Technical architecture design, code review, and security audit.

How Can Salesforce CRM Customization Help You?

Tailor the system’s functionality according to your business needs and requirements.

Bring additional value to your marketing and sales activities, increase the number of new customers and boost company profits

Help you embrace the world’s leading CRM platform and take full advantage of its benefits for your business

SENLA's Team Can Become Your Partner In:

Apex Salesforce development

Our team will customize your CRM system or create a new solution for Salesforce to solve specific problems facing your business. You will receive a tool that will help your company departments boost productivity and raise profits to a new level.

Integrations with 3rd party software

Our team will help you unite the power of the Salesforce CRM with other tools so they work together to benefit your business. Connect all separate data sources into one working system so you can make quick and profitable business decisions based on data and clear insights.

CRM customization

Uncover the full potential of the Salesforce CRM and adapt it to your needs with the help of our team. We can install and configure the modules necessary to tailor the program to the needs of your industry and business. We will also fine-tune all the modules so that they work as one coherent process.

How Our Process of Integration Looks Like

Understanding of customer business needs and requirements

Step 1

Creating a customization roadmap

Step 2

Customizing a solution and fine-tuning it

Step 3

Customizing quality assurance

Step 4

Providing post-customization support and maintenance

Step 5

Industries We Have Worked With

Custom App Development

A software development company that uses the Salesforce CRM and consists of multiple departments needed a project management and tracking tool. The tool needed to meet specific needs of the business and create custom reports for the company executives. This client got project tracking software that helped in collecting data on multiple projects and provided data for optimizing the company’s workflow.

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We helped a company that sells pharmaceuticals in hospitals and pharmacies get a finely tuned tool that allowed staff to arrange meetings with customers and helped executives monitor the employees’ performance. The client received a program that greatly increased staff productivity and helped attract a large number of new customers.

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We helped a US manufacturing company that uses the Salesforce CRM build a feedback mechanism between executives and subordinates. As a result, the company’s top management was able to optimize the work of various company departments and significantly improve workflow.

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Cloud Consulting

We helped a UK-based company that assists midsize finance brands in selecting private cloud and hybrid cloud suppliers in the UK market. We configured the CRM system so that it could visualize the most important data and assist in making strong business decisions based on it. As a result, the client managed to use the full potential of CRM and double company profits.

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Why Choose SENLA's Salesforce Customization Services

SENLA’s team has six years of experience in Salesforce customization and great expertise in Salesforce development and consulting services.

We have in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce system, its characteristics, and possible ways of its optimization. We also have rich experience in conducting Salesforce integration with 3rd party software

Our experts are rated among the Top 5 Best Salesforce Consultants according to Clutch. We are also listed in the Top 1 Best Developers.

Our team features technical experts in Salesforce customization, consulting, and custom development (Lightning, APEX, Salesforce 1®, Visualforce®)

We base our work on proven development practices: Continuous Integration Setup, Coding Guidelines, Security Policies

SENLA is ready to provide you with Salesforce customization services in less than two days