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SENLA is a team of experts listed 1st among Top Development Firms and Top Salesforce Consultants. We are 20+ engineers skilled in Salesforce development, customization, and integration. Our rich experience allows us to conduct Salesforce integrations of varying complexity. We help our clients solve difficult business problems and issues that may be beyond other specialists in this sphere, including:

  • Salesforce integrations with third-party software and systems;
  • Customization and Implementation of Service Cloud and Salesforce CRM;
  • Salesforce App Exchange, Heroku, and other Product Development Services;
  • Security audits, code reviews, and technical architecture design.

Our Team Solves Multiple Salesforce Integration Challenges

Integration of Several CRM Solutions Across Multiple Company Silos

All units of the company must work together, always having access to necessary data. To reach this goal, our experts consider it essential that companies have their complex CRM systems integrated professionally. Salesforce can help your company’s departments work well together, bringing profits and attracting more and more new customers.

Full Visibility of Information Flows Between Applications

No tool can solve all business problems at once, which is why companies use many different solutions in their work. However, this can create problems because of the need to ensure that all tools work well with each other.
SENLA’s team can optimize all of your tools with the Salesforce CRM and help you get the most out of your software.

Integration With Complex Solutions

It may be difficult to use even a few simple tools, and making them work as a cohesive whole can take weeks or even months. When it comes to complex technological solutions, such as Salesforce, it’s better to trust the integration to specialists who know this business thoroughly. Our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce makes us indispensable experts.

Synchronization of Necessary Data in Real Time

With the help of correctly implemented Salesforce integration, you can have all necessary data easily accessible. Information from the various tools will be updated in real time, which will allow you to make the right business decisions in a timely manner.

Our Team Delivers the Following Salesforce Solutions

ERP Integration

ERP and Salesforce integration helps your sales department have all the necessary information about the company’s customers and resources. This data will help you visualize the mechanisms of supply and demand thereby improving the process of planning and predicting growth in demand for certain company products.

Accounting Integration

By combining the powers of Salesforce CRM and accounting software, your sales team will receive a tool for making fast and smart decisions based on financial data. This will help your sales reps create more detailed profiles of customers and better plan future business solutions.

Marketing Automation Integration

Make your sales and marketing departments improve productivity with the integration of Salesforce and marketing systems. Both teams will receive simultaneous access to the most important information on leads. This will improve the company’s marketing funnel and significantly increase your customer base.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your CRM system with social media to find out your customers’ thoughts and opinions. This will help your specialists constantly improve the customer experience and attract new customers.

CTI Integration

Computer-telephony integration (CTI) with Salesforce CRM will give your sales team a competitive advantage through a tool to provide quick, high-quality customer service.

E-commerce Integration

Integrate the Salesforce CRM with Shopify, Zuora, Magento and other e-commerce platforms to improve inventory management, increase up-selling and cross-selling, and run personalized marketing campaigns. Thus, you will raise profits and increase customer satisfaction with your service.

Collaboration System Integration

Integrate Salesforce with popular collaboration systems such as SharePoint and Office 365 to increase the coherence of your company silos. Our team’s experience will ensure that the integration goes right, because such integrations are very complex and should be trusted only to experts.

Personal Planner and Email Integration

Connect client emails and personal planning software with your CRM to improve the productivity of your employees and the customer experience. Your staff can get access to all the data on customer relationships and use it to make smart business decisions

ITSM Integration

This technology will help link customer service, sales, and technical support specialists into one team. Normally these departments speak different languages, using completely different software in their work. Integration of Salesforce CRM with software such as Jira and BMC Remedy will help ensure that all units serve a unified purpose and their joint work brings new customers to your business while increasing profits.

How Our Process of Integration Looks Like

Deep analysis of business demands

Step 1

Creation and development of a Salesforce integration roadmap

Step 2

Solution implementation and the process of integration

Step 3

Verification of integration quality

Step 4

Maintenance and support of your systems

Step 5

Why Choose SENLA's Salesforce Integration Services

We have deep knowledge of Salesforce CRM, the specifics of how it works, and experience with its integration with 3rd party software

Proven professionalism in Salesforce® customization and custom development (Visualforce®, APEX, Lightning, Salesforce 1®)

Our experts have six years of experience in Salesforce integration and development services

Tried-and-true development processes: Continuous Integration Setup, Security Policies, Coding Guidelines

Our team is on the list of TOP-5 Best Salesforce Consultants according to Clutch. Clutch also considers us the TOP-1 Best Developers

We are ready to become your Salesforce integration consultant and onboard on a project in less than two business days