Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Software Testing Services

SENLA provides software testing services to companies that need the help of proven manual and automated testing professionals.

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

SENLA provides QA and software testing services to Clients from more than 20 countries. We have been able to build a rich expertise, performing all types of manual and automated testing for the following industries: Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Logistics, Healthcare and Insurance, E-commerce.

We have come a long way from a small QA vendor to a QA market leader with our own QA school. That’s why we are fully-staffed with high-quality QA engineers who deeply know their business.

Our Team Offers Multiple Software Testing Services

Functional Testing

Our experts will ensure that the product’s functionality meets the requirements of your business and the purpose for which it was developed.

Module Testing

We will study a separate module or part of your program to make sure that a part of a product performs well. SENLA’s specialists have a lot of testing experience, that’s why they will be able to check your software in detail.

Integration Testing

The experts will make sure that all systems of your application work correctly and successfully interact with each other. This is a rather complex kind of testing, so it is especially important to entrust it to an expert team, such as SENLA.

System Testing

SENLA’ team will test the complete and fully integrated system so you are sure that your entire product works stably and efficiently, especially while interfaced with other software products.

Acceptance Testing

We will check the product and provide you with the testing results so you could make changes if certain goals are not met, and the product should be redone.

Usability Testing

We can test your product’s user-friendliness to make sure that potential users will easily learn the tool’s functionality and won’t get stuck at any point of a journey within your tool.

Localization Testing

We will check the localized version of your product to see whether it works well with specific local settings for users from different countries.

UI Testing

We will make sure that the tool’s design elements are working and all buttons, toolbars, icons, etc. respond to user input.

Cross-Platform Testing

Our team will test your product’s performance and make sure that the product is ready to work on the whole range of different platforms.

Performance Testing

SENLA’s engineers will check speed, stability and scalability of your app’s system make sure that it works quickly and withstands multiple load conditions.

Security Testing

Our experts will check whether your product may be penetrated by hacking or through a loophole. We will help ensure that the sensitive data can not be stolen and your customers are safe.

Configuration Testing

We will test your product on practice, applying various configuration options to make sure that the product does not have flaws in different settings regimes.

Compatibility Testing

Our team will help you understand how your product behaves in the wide range of network environments or interacts with different web servers or hardware.

Mobile Testing

We’ll make sure that potential customers can conveniently use your mobile app and that it works quickly and runs like a clockwork.

Our Experts Meet the Following Challenges

Opacity of the testing process

Our team is capable of adapting to changes in the testing process and work taking into account new requirements with high productivity.

Inefficient collaboration

Our experts will communicate with your developers, business analysts, and stakeholders to ensure the greatest efficiency of the testing process so that you always have the latest information about the status of projects.

Shifting project specifications

Our experts will fine-tune the testing process so that all activities are relevant to up-to-the-minute project requirements.

SENLA’s Experts Use the Following Software Testing and QA Tools

  • Selenium
  • SoapUI
  • Postman
  • Appium
  • Java
  • TestComplete
  • JIRA
  • JMeter
  • TestLink
  • Xcode
  • Fake GPS
  • TestFlight
  • Crashlytics
  • iMazing
  • Cucumber
  • Smartphone Test Farm

Our Team Relies on Tried-and-True Quality Assurance Process

While providing software testing services, we develop test-cases and conduct bug-tracking in our own system or in the system of the client. Our team uses the following steps:

Choosing the right testing strategy

Step 1

Outlining testing activities to be performed

Step 2

Choosing the right tools

Step 3

Executing testing activity

Step 4

Delivering reports

Step 5

Providing test results and recommendations

Step 6