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QA Automation Testing Services

SENLA is a company that provides automation testing services to businesses that want to ensure end-product quality or dramatically improve it.

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QA Automation Testing Services

SENLA provides QA automation services to clients all over the world. Our team has vast experience in various types of automated testing for multiple industries: E-commerce, Healthcare and Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Logistics, and others.

Starting as a small QA vendor, SENLA now is a proven QA market leader that grows future QA engineers in its own QA school. This is the reason why we are fully-staffed with top-quality QA experts who are capable of multiple types of testing.
We have 6 years of testing experience under our belt and we have a very high Clutch rating; that confirms the skills of our top-notch QA specialists.

The Benefits of SENLA’s QA Automation Services

Our сlients have often noted that it is pleasant to work with us as we know the ropes. Here are some benefits that you can feel after becoming our сlient:

Wide Testing Scope

SENLA’s experts are capable of testing based on variety of scripts, no matter new functionality testing or regression testing.

Outright Communication

Our team will always be ready to connect with your developers, testers and business analytics to get clear testing requirements and build precise and effective testing process.

Instruction of Your Team for Future Support

Our experts will tell your team what and how they should do to support automated testing process and make sure it goes steadily and seamlessly. Members of our team will be happy to answer all questions and render assistance.

Understandable Format of Testing Results

Our team can present test results as spreadsheets and tables with conclusive text records. Thus, you can track the quality of test cases in a convenient format without any knowledge of programming as well as make edits to the testing process if necessary.

Ceaseless Integration

Our tests will become an indispensable piece of your build automation process. We will also help you automatically fine-tune your continuous delivery system.

SENLA’s Team Is Ready to Meet Multiple Challenges

Our team has sufficient experience to tackle problems that not all automation testing companies may handle:

Quick carrying of regression testing, both large and low volume

Our team members will conduct expert analysis and automate all allowable areas to save time and make the testing process as productive as possible.

Testing of complex solutions

Our team is able to test the most complex products, from interactive multiplayer games to sophisticated CRM systems. That’s because our experts are supported by the best technical equipment and the latest testing software.

Lack of written testing specifications

Our experts are capable to understand testing requirements based on their experience and communication with your project team. That’s why the result of our automation testing services always corresponds to clients’ business requirements.

Testing on multiple platforms

Automatic testing allows you to run tests at high speed on multiple platforms. That’s why our experts are capable to test your product simultaneously on multiple platforms, browsers, and devices.

On the go changes that may affect the testing procedure

SENLA’s team worked out special processes for script maintenance to be able to adjust the testing procedure easily. These processes allow us to make changes to the testing operation without making major changes to scripts.

Big amounts of testing data

We are aware of the responsibility and complexity of working with a large amount of data, that’s why our experts base their work on a proven and thorough data-based approach. We also use special software which helps to make sure that the testing process passes quickly, and there are no errors in the data.

Our Team Uses Multiple Automated Testing Tools

  • Selenium
  • TestComplete
  • fMBT
  • Appium
  • Ranorex
  • Robot Framework
  • XCUITest
  • UIAutomator
  • HP QuickTest Pro
  • Calabash
  • Microsoft Coded UI Tests

SENLA Advantages

We don’t miss deadlines
We have a very high Clutch rating
We provide you with a high level of transparency during the partnership period
We ensure seamless collaboration between our specialists and your team
We guarantee great work quality
We use the world’s best testing software
We are 15+ top-notch QA automation specialists
We show you clear and understandable project results