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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and
Support services

SENLA provides a full spectrum of maintenance services in various technology verticals. We can administer the complete process of designing, coding, testing and deploying.

Maintenance & Support

Why is software maintenance necessary?

  • Your software can work for a longer period of time
  • Reducing risks and potential failures associated with operating software
  • Possibility to improve software with technology advances of legacy system migration
  • Regular upgrades and predictive software expenditure control
  • Easy implementation of new features and functionality that increase product’s efficiency, scalability and security.

Software support

  • 3 levels of support ensure that the Customer does not have to pay extra money for overskilled engineers in solving the problem

    Warranty problems covered by the guarantee that SENLA gives for full-cycle development are not exposed to the Customer

    Flexible support plans that are suitable for a project of any complexity and size

  • SENLA guarantees the reservation of project expertise within the team

    If any employees leave the support team, SENLA at its own expense makes a transfer of expertise within the company

    All projects on support in SENLA have a dedicated support engineer who handles the tasks from the beginning

What we offer for optimization of software performance


Perfective maintenance

SENLA can re-engineer, customize, and implement new features to deal with issues that affect system performance

Adaptive maintenance

Our team provides adaptive maintenance services to ensure the reliable functioning of software and hardware when making changes to the system environment

Scheduled maintenance

SENLA’s scheduled maintenance services allow you to ensure adequate operation of systems using new technologies, as well as facilitate update management

Corrective maintenance

We offer planned or unplanned corrective maintenance services to help you fix bugs, flaws and defects in the software

Exemplary process


Determine the ability to configure (if possible to do all needed settings) and refine the system for the user's request


Prepare related artifacts (estimates, detailed description, tasks on the board)


Coordinate all info with the Customer and pass it to a technical team of the 2nd or 3rd level


Resolve the issue with the help of our team






Levels of support

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support services for applications developed by SENLA or by any third party vendor.

L1 Support

Administrators whose goal is to find out the problem and its details; if the problem can not be solved by setting up the system - transfer to the second level.

L2 Support

Skilled engineers, able to modify, correct or rewrite part of the system logic to the customer's request. If the task can not be solved at this level (very rarely), or a significant revision (redevelopment) of the system is required - the request goes to the third level.

L3 Support

At this level, only the most complex and voluminous tasks of the level of a new subproject or a very large module engineering are performed. Most often this is done within the frames of a new subproject.

Urgent tasks and
For urgent tasks and issues management SENLA offers to use “escalation ladder” depending on the level of the problem:

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  • NDA is being signed at your request to ensure a high standard of privacy.
  • After careful evaluation of the requirements, SENLA offers a preliminary solution (estimates, CVs, timelines, etc.).
  • Our team can start delivering within 10 business days after approval.

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