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Development offices of SENLA are located in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Croatia, and Lithuania.

The company was founded in 2012. Today SENLA team consists of 350+ certified technical specialists with degrees in programming, mathematics, physics, and engineering.

The annual growth of staff and financial turnover is 20%.

We have implemented 300 projects from 40 Clients, 90% of Clients work with SENLA on a regular basis. All the projects entrusted to our company have been successfully completed.

Our People

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We follow the most recent technologies and cutting edge development processes to ensure that our Clients enjoy advantages over their competitors.

Our Values

Our team consists of the most competent technical managers and certified engineers. We are well-versed in the integrated management of processes and resources, along with a wide range of modern technological stack. This, as well as high quality control is our guarantee of a successful IT project.

Use of Proven Methodologies

By combining the experience of working with major companies around the world and personal approach in working with Clients, we guarantee a high-quality implementation of software projects.


Our Project Management department will keep you up to date on the entire development process on a regular basis. You will receive progress reports at the end of each agreed stage of the project.

Predictability and Consistency

We do not change team members during the project. This approach became an integral part of SENLA’s corporate culture. All cooperation terms are held professionally and according to the contract.

Lifetime Warranty

SENLA easily adapts to your needs and offers a lifetime warranty. If errors are found after the implementation of a solution, SENLA will eliminate them for free.

You Are in a Good Company

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“We decided to choose SENLA for the development of a “supplier management tool for iOS platform” after a comparative review of several software engineering companies of various sizes: 10,000+, 1,000+ and 100+ employees.

At the pre-sales stage, SENLA showed a very good combination of deep understanding of project technical specification, ability to face BOSCH cooperation terms and experience of working with European and US enterprise companies.

BOSCH supplier management application developed by SENLA allowed us to fully automate the process of pre-production, production, and post-production cooperation with our suppliers.

My team liked to work with SENLA, we are working on several more projects and glad to recommend this professional developer.

– Andrew A., Corporate Purchasing Director


“At the start, we had some concerns that quite complicated projects with vague and non-finalized requirements can be handled remotely.
But SENLA completely overthrew our vision on this topic and demonstrated how a highly organized team of professionals can successfully deliver such projects.

What is even more important, they are focused on doing more than closing project requirements but also creating the great Product, that will really add value to your business.”

– Andrew K., IT Business Relationship Manager, Abbott

Forex Club

“What is SENLA’s key excellence?
– Communication at all levels of management and development is strong;
– Understanding of Client’s needs and ability to face our high standards is a real advantage of SENLA;
– Perfect knowledge of SalesForce development guidelines and professional Apex engineering;
– Ability to work with a legacy code.
Summing up – for the first time in my life I see an outsourcing Company who performs like your own engineering team. We are really happy with SENLA, continue working together and will be glad to be a contact for a direct reference if needed.”

– Denis M., Reporting & DWH Agile Group leader, FX Club


“SENLA demonstrated strong project management skills in an agile environment. They felt good even with high-level requirements, proposed optimal ways to develop some features, did reasonable improvements where necessary so we were able to save budget and keep on track with our deadlines. They fully covered our UI/UX expectations, developed all code according to the J2EE guides, and delivered everything on time. We like SENLA approach and I am happy to recommend their services to others.”

– Andrew K., MCS IT & Process Manager, Wargaming

Behind Every Cloud

“I am pleased to offer BEC Ltd as a reference customer and myself as a key contact for the services provided by SENLA for the development of the “Clover Index”. I am happy to say for the entire time that I worked with the SENLA team on this project I found that their Salesforce department performed excellently. I admit I had my concerns about entering into this relationship with a completely unknown third party in a remote region, but I am pleased to report that I have absolutely no regrets – and will definitely be using SENLA for future development projects.”

– Ray B., Managing Director, BEC


“We have engaged SENLA to customize and integrate our Salesforce CRM. They were really good during all projects steps, starting from requirements gathering till support. We had enjoyed working SENLA, the project has been completed within agreed timeframes, and was bug-free by the acceptance stage. We would recommend SENLA to anyone looking to integrate or automate Salesforce.”

– Gennady V., CEO, Shping


“We turned to SENLA during one of our largest and strategic projects. They were asked to support us with a data migration process. The key challenge for SENLA was to work closely with an almost undocumented part of the system. Their team needed not only to develop complicated scripts for data migration of an enormous amount of the business-critical data. They also had to pay a lot of attention to business and technical analysis, communication and drafting of the technical documentation which had spaces. I will definitely work with SENLA on our future projects and glad that we found a partner who pays a lot of attention to their work.”

– Alex P., Director of the Custom Development Center, RedSys


“It has been a pleasure working with SENLA. During the project planning phase, their team presented us with an estimate and performed all of the work within the proposed time and budget. In addition to their expertise, I was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by all members of SENLA’s development team for our project. They took the time to understand our business model and project goals, which allowed them to provide suggestions that greatly improved the system design. I would be happy to support my recommendation should there be any inquiries.”

– Ivan K., Chief Technology Officer, ECLO

BPC Banking Technologies

“I know SENLA for more than three years. BPC is pleased to work with SENLA team in software development, systems integration and quality assurance for some of our products. We find the team as a client-oriented. We observe the technical team assigned to us as motivated to deliver the solutions. Based on the cooperation we have I can see the team assigned to us as:
– the experienced in software development, systems integration, and quality assurance;
– motivated and result oriented;
– easy to communicate.
SENLA values the relationship and partnership.”

– Tahir A., SVP, Head of Projects Delivery, BPC Banking Technologies


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