Salesforce Pros and Cons: Revealing the Truth

Every business owner tries to automate business processes to shorten the amount of time spent on paperwork.

One of the steps on the way to business automation involves organizational actions aimed at implementation of a hardware and software complex. That supports reducing costs, monitoring all operations, controlling interactions with customers and giving a quick response.

Many companies consider Salesforce as one of the options to streamline business operations. Being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce is not only a CRM solution: it is an all-in-one solution offering sales management, customer service, marketing automation and partner relationship management.

Statistics prove that 83% of Fortune 500 companies are Salesforce customers. Nowadays, Salesforce has more than 150,000 clients worldwide.

In this article, we will speak about Salesforce pros and cons and uncover its dazzling popularity.

Salesforce PROS: what has made Salesforce stand out from the crowd

#1: Cloud-based

CRM cloud services and classic CRM programs are distinguished on the market. A cloud-based solution is a system where software, tools, and all the data are delivered to end users via the Internet. A cloud-based platform typically offers access to an application through a web browser. Thus, Salesforce provides the flexibility to work anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

#2: Quickstart

You don’t have to install any software or hardware. There is no difficulty since Salesforce allows businesses to get started immediately after registration. The only thing you need is access to the Internet. Having real-time access to your data will boost business efficiency and minimize response time.

#3: Huge Ecosystem

Salesforce is considered the world’s number one CRM. In order to compete at this level, you have to deliver a product that people would appreciate. Salesforce is not just a CRM but a huge and powerful machine that carries out all these things:

salesforce not just a crm

#4: Perfect Match

There is no change to the browsers your employees use. Salesforce CRM runs everywhere seamlessly. It is also very helpful to use the online forum, Chatter, a private social network that helps multiple businesses share Salesforce insights, generate new ideas, collaborate and integrate Twitter data. It can increase productivity and work quality.

#5: Salesforce Mobile

Cloud-based CRM systems often provide users with mobile apps to simplify the use of CRM from smartphones and tablets. Salesforce is no exception. People want their business tools to be mobile and easy to access. The Salesforce mobile app runs on Android and iOS operating systems and has offline capabilities. Your employees will always have access to their data when they’re on the go or away from their workplace.

#6: Integrations

Salesforce integration capabilities support smooth operational procedures. It allows sales, marketing and customer support teams to stay connected with accounting, production and logistics departments. Integration with third-party services helps deliver amazing customer service, increase agent productivity, create single-point access for users and automate data synchronization.

salesforce pros and cons#7: Painless Customization

An open ecosystem has been specially designed to be configurable and customizable for your business. Salesforce doesn’t work the same way for all companies. This platform will meet your business needs exactly and become a driving force for your team. Salesforce customization will automate multiple business processes when a Salesforce developer has fine-tuned it with in-house expertise. Making modifications to align your business processes with your goals is the key to extracting the highest value.

#8: Productive Management

Salesforce allows you to track the activities of your employees. You can view set tasks, made calls and sent emails. Your staff can prioritize time and events, maintain accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads and opportunities. Getting a clear-cut picture of workflow helps find drawbacks and improve staff performance.

#9: Training Costs Reduction

Salesforce is a super-simple platform to manage. A user-friendly interface makes the learning process much easier and faster than the competition. There are separate organizing tabs: Home, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Forecasts, Files, and so on. These tabs can be customized and changed to other functions. Many incoming users may have already used Salesforce. Some Salesforce implementation partners can provide you with user guides to teach your staff to work within the Salesforce environment like a duck in water. Trailhead is a powerful educational platform that has a set of interactive, online tutorials, which help guide Salesforce users on their learning path.

#10: Complete CRM Package

Speaking about the best parts of Salesforce, we cannot overlook its CRM package which allows sales reps to track each step of sales activities and access every stage of the customer lifecycle. Salesforce includes a great variety of CRM categories such as Sales, Marketing, Service, Analytics, Commerce, Engagement, Platform, Integration, Industries, Communities, Enablement and Collaboration. All these help provide a satisfying experience for your partners on a personal level. The outcome will be efficient cooperation, mobilization and revenue growth.

salesforce customer experience

Salesforce CONS: coming to the dark side

#1: Price for SBs

Many small businesses consider price to be one of the most important issues. A full Salesforce CRM package can cost a lot per user monthly and not all small businesses can afford it. But Salesforce has overcome this barrier with a special small business solution. Companies seek assistance from third parties when Salesforce customization is needed. It will cost extra money but there is one big advantage to Salesforce’s box solution, which already has many embedded tools. You don’t have to hire a software development team, you just need to turn on individual components and set them up.

#2: Powerful System

The complexity of Salesforce is both a blessing and a curse, especially for small businesses which generally, don’t have a dedicated sales or marketing team. That’s why they cannot experience the potential of this powerful machine to the fullest. But Salesforce makes training programs publicly available to its users and even allows building such programs on their own. There is a vast community which is always there to lend a hand.

#3: Interface Renewal

Salesforce often offers updates and releases. For some, it becomes confusing if well-known features of the navigation bar or dashboards have changed their places. It turns into one more adaptation process. Nevertheless, Salesforce has been made increasingly user-friendly and ease employee workflow within the system. The design has become more relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s needs and, thus, the time spent on adaptation is worth the results.

#4: Troublesome Technical Support

Many business owners point out that it can be a tough task to reach out to Salesforce technical support on certain issues. You have to wait for days and no one lets you know when you will get an answer or your problem will be solved. Alternately, you can cooperate with Salesforce development partners who can clear up your questions at a moment’s notice.

#5: Tricky Reporting

Salesforce gives you the option to generate reports. But problems occur when you want to fish for information from multiple relationships. You can create a report using the Salesforce guide or external to the Salesforce environment. A well-built architecture decreases the likelihood of problems with reports. It may be worth hiring a software engineer to develop a page with all the information needed.


When speaking about Salesforce pros and cons, remember that the overwhelming popularity of Salesforce doesn’t lie in an excellent marketing strategy. The main reason is that people trust it.

Salesforce is a leader on the market. When business owners choose it, they are thinking about the future. They are confident that Salesforce will meet their business needs even five years down the road.

The biggest advantage of Salesforce is that it provides companies with everything to enhance overall performance, boost revenue and simplify the work of sales reps.

Like any product, Salesforce is not without some drawbacks. And the main drawback is its price.

But if you feel that Salesforce can become the right solution for your business, feel free to contact our specialists for a detailed consultation.

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