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Central Production Management Platform for Fortune 500 Company

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Central Production Management Platform for Fortune 500 Company




Project Overview

SENLA team has developed several mobile applications to integrate with the major TcPCM system, which allows our Client to decrease the cost of their products. Applications help the employees to monitor the quality of the products in the production unit on the go, create records, name the parts, specify all the parameters, describe the equipment, flow, and timeframe, record production work, fill in the points of purchase, and calculate the number of wastes. This automated and speeded up the process of the of risk identification in vendors’ work and improved their performance.



The Сlient, Bosch - a leading global supplier of technology and services, thought to increase profits and decrease the cost of their products.

This could be done by identifying and preventing inherent risks in the work of vendors and suppliers that provide a business-critical service. The Client needed the solution to optimize monitoring all the production steps with automatic data storage, data transfer, and cost-effectiveness calculation. It was supposed to be used by the Client's employees who visited suppliers, walked through production, checking it for organizational standards and possible technical irregularities that could affect the deals.


  • Our business analyst gathered all the requirements and wrote a detailed specification. According to that specification, our team divided the core and additional functionality. 
  • As the next step, we developed the additional functionality. First of all, the Client needed to have all this information standardized: export it in PDF or Excel format. But then the problem occurred: IOS mobile doesn’t support Excel at all. Our team found the solution by using the library, which parsed the database in the needed format with the right width of cells for text, sketches, photos, notes.
  • Then our team has solved the problem of local storage since iPhones and iPads don’t have local storage for files. The users should specify the email to send the information after choosing the option “Export”.
  • The next additional feature was taking photo notes. We have developed a graphics editor in order to take a photo, with the possibility to draw on this picture and then save it. Also, we added the opportunity to make text notes and notes in the form of a sketch.
  • One more feature was handwriting recognition. The user could write on the screen with a finger and then the handwriting got converted to text notes. Usually, such a system needs the Internet. We made it offline by developing a library that allowed to recognize handwriting without the Internet.


SENLA has developed an iOS mobile application from scratch, where the user has the possibility to:


Create records


Name the equipment parts


Specify all the parameters


Describe the equipment in details


Record production work


Describe the flow and timeframe


Fill in the points of purchase


Calculate the number of wastes

Additional functionality

The app has a core module in the form of a questionnaire that describes all the production steps in detail. The additional functionality enables:


Taking photo notes with a possibility to draw on them


Offline handwriting recognition and its conversion into text notes


Questionnaire export in PDF or Excel format


Text notes and notes in the form of a sketch



Solution Architect


Project Manager


Business Analyst







Tech stack










BOSCH automated its vendor assessment process by implementing a world-wide cost structure analysis and forecasting system.

With the implementation of our application, we advanced the verification process and the cost-effectiveness calculation process for BOSCH, which positively influenced all materials and products manufactured by the company. This allowed the Client to remove low-quality vendors from their pipeline and focus on nurturing business relationships with quality partners.

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