Bosch: Automatic vendor assessment system delivered ROI in the 1st month


Bosch: Automatic vendor assessment system delivered ROI in the 1st month

SENLA helps BOSCH automate partner assessment by implementing a precise technical evaluation tool.




420,000+ (Enterprise)





The Challenge

Bosch needed to assess their external vendors to promote accountability with local manufacturing legislature, ecological benchmarks, quality standards, cost reduction, and adherence to the processes.

The Solution

SENLA's solution integrated with Bosch’s Product Cost Management and helped identify and optimize risk-prone partnerships, making the process transparent, formalized, and efficient.

The Value

Bosch streamlined vendor assessment, got rid of low-quality vendors, and focused on nurturing business relationships with quality partners, enjoying cost reduction.


Meeting our Client

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services with roughly 421.000 associates worldwide and regional companies in 60 countries.

Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading IoT provider, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected mobility. 

Bosch improves the quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. In short, Bosch creates technology that is “invented for life”.

The challenge of turning relationships into partnerships

Being such a complex global company requires efficient and fine-tuned instruments to operate, and reliable business partners worldwide.

To build a network of reliable partners you need a set of standards and mechanisms to promote accountability to these standards. Bosch has designed the business process to run and implement vendor assessment but lacked the in-house talent to translate it into a technological solution fast.

That’s where SENLA came in to help. After a long vetting process, a few onsite visits, and extensive audits, Bosch decided to partner with SENLA. We had the necessary high-skilled resources and committed to delivering the solution in a tight 6 months time frame.

"Our collaboration exceeded all expectations. In three words I would describe them as cost-effective, organized, and creative."

Andrew Antipov, Head of Procurement

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Work started shortly after we passed the initial vetting process. We were able to jump into architecture design right away because the scope of work and requirements were defined in great detail by the Bosch team.

"We have never seen requirements defined so precisely before. It was like two laboratories working on creating a new medicine. Bosch supplied the pains and challenges that had to be solved, and we provided the required solution."

Viktar Savoska, CTO

We worked in our regular 2-weeks sprint intervals, delivering a new demo to the Bosch team every Friday for their feedback. 

The diversity of our team helped us move fast on this complex project. Our analysts with PhD degrees impressed the Client with their knowledge and skills and accelerated our progress.

Accomplishing the solution

The cornerstone of the solution was a mobile application that integrated with Bosch’s Product Cost Management (PCM) system and allowed employees to assess how well a certain vendor meets the standards.

The amount of data that auditors had to take into account was absolutely massive. Local variance from country to country in environmental standards is astounding, and that’s only a tiny portion of an assessment.

Our solution had to be easy to use on the go, as auditors would visit suppliers onsite, walking through production lines and making sure that everything was aligned with strict criteria. There was no time to waste digging through countless options in the application, it had to be robust and user-friendly.

For this solution:

  • We utilized the ubiquity of cameras in modern mobile devices and helped document the processes with photos and videos, eliminating the need for additional equipment. 
  • Data storage and transfer, validation, and deduplication had to be automated to minimize human error and allow employees to focus on what matters: the quality of the supplier.
  • Automatic reporting was a big part of the system and allowed auditors to identify risks and non-compliance, providing a clear grade to a vendor with an improvement strategy.
  • To deploy the solution securely and rapidly, we implemented Mobile Device Management capabilities.

The value: ROI delivered in the first months

"SENLA’s solution received positive feedback from key stakeholders.

Daily usage rates surpassed all our forecasts. People enjoy using the application they’ve designed and developed.

I’m looking forward to working on future projects together."

Andrew Antipov, Head of Procurement

SENLA helped Bosch deploy a worldwide vendor assessment system to control product profitability in just under 6 months.

When the project was completed, we visited the Client and made sure everything was performing well. Live testing was conducted in production to ensure seamless integration with the PCM.

The solution delivered ROI in its first months and helped Bosch streamline its production pipeline, identify reliable partners and decrease costs. Vendor assessment data was included in the PCM system, which allowed for representing planned and simulated costs more accurately and increased profitability.

One more partnership we value that is based on shared values and priorities.

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