Heating systems manufacturer: Salesforce customization drives client focus and increases revenue


Heating systems manufacturer: Salesforce customization drives client focus and increases revenue








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The Challenge

As consumer preferences evolved, our Client noticed a trend: customers now sought personalized heating systems and valued ongoing post-installation support. In response to this, our Client decided to improve their technology, focusing on better digital communication, sales, and service channels.

The Solution

SENLA customized the Client's Salesforce system by automating contract creation and enhancing the Field Service Mobile App for efficient on-site tasks. We also optimized both support request processing and warranty management to elevate customer service and operational efficiency.

The Value

SENLA's solutions helped the Client create contracts faster, improve in-field support with better tools, respond quicker to customer needs, simplify field staff tasks with a user-friendly app, and quickly check warranty details. That resulted in happier customers, smoother operations, and increased revenue.


Meet our Client

Our Client, a European firm operating in over 20 countries, develops heating, cooling, and air-conditioning products.

As a future-focused leading manufacturer, they've noticed shifts in customer behavior and recognized a need for a technological upgrade.

Consumers today aren't just looking for a heating device. They seek personalized thermal comfort systems with ongoing support after the installation.

Our Client wanted to focus on their customers and installers and move from simply selling products to offering services to complement them.

And the basis for that should become the improved technology.

“We’re already offering our customers network-ready products and matching services. In addition, we’re continuing to expand our digital communications, sales, and service channels.”

Client’s Representative

Better partner for a better future

The goal to offer personalized services backed up by customized Salesforce was central to our Client's digital transformation.

Our partnership started in 2022. SENLA was selected to replace a previous vendor whose performance didn't meet the Client's expectations. We quickly stepped in to take the lead and lay down a base of reliable and powerful tech solutions for our Client's digital transformation.

Within the customary 7–10 days we shared our experts' profiles with the Client. The dedicated team of five Salesforce developers we provided showed excellent results during preliminary technical interviews.

Moreover, being Europe-based, we met the Client’s time zone and cultural requirements, aiming for long-lasting cooperation. 

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Facilitating contract signing

For companies dealing with strict regulations in various countries, drawing up contracts correctly is a vital task.

Our Client typically signs a maintenance and repair contract with each buyer of their heating appliances. The contract terms vary based on the device’s type, model, size, and many other characteristics, all stored in Salesforce. Manually drafting these contracts often resulted in errors and wasted time.

Using Apex, we developed a custom solution for creating, activating, canceling, and extending contracts, automating many manual work stages. This task took us 2 months.

"The feature we developed allowed agents to choose from available contract templates. Each of them contained a list of offered and optional services. Some services might be default, and others requested by the customer.

Then our system would automatically calculate the contract’s cost considering product prices, service fees, and possible discounts. For example, our Client had additional discounts for repeat customers or neighbors deciding to buy similar products. We also established logic for upgrading the contract level (i.e. adding services) and extending the contract."

Andrei Pivavarchyk, Salesforce Team Leader

Speeding up support request processing

People name good customer service or support as the 2nd most important reason to buy from a company again, as per Salesforce’s State of Connected Customer report. 94% of people will buy again if they get excellent customer service, and 82% would recommend a company if its service is great.

We developed a custom solution for the classification of customer support requests ("cases" in Salesforce) using LWC. The solution would help quickly assign the appropriate category to cases and direct them to the right specialists.

Together with that, we designed a custom email service for receiving and processing customer support messages. The system within Salesforce analyzed various parameters of incoming emails, such as location, customer, or keywords, and then created appropriate tasks. Then each case was classified according to its parameters into different levels and automatically sent to the respective departments.

We also developed an API feature that created similar cases but with information received from the broken appliances directly through an IoT solution.

As a result, the process of handling customer inquiries was significantly sped up.

Offering a spectrum of warranty options

Our Client provides three types of warranties to consumers: basic, extended, and component.

We designed the warranty management logic within Salesforce, integrating it with the Field Service Mobile App and SAP ERP.

Whenever a new product was purchased, the warranty was automatically generated in Salesforce. That information would also be accessible in the mobile app for field technicians. Hence, during repairs, they could instantly verify the warranty's status and automatically calculate the work order price depending on the components used, etc.

This solution helped sales agents and servicemen control the warranty expiration dates and in due time suggest paid warranty extensions to the customers.

"When the basic warranty expired, customers had the option to extend it for a fee. Both field technicians and sales agents could monitor the warranty status and see if it was soon expiring and offer to prolong it.

The customers then could choose between extending the warranty for either service or components or both. If only the service was extended, the component warranty would start immediately. Otherwise, it would begin after the extended warranty concluded. We created and implemented this whole logic in Salesforce."

Aleh Vasileuski, Software Engineering Team Leader

Providing full assistance out in the field

Our Client was well aware that to succeed in providing an attentive service, their field workers and installers should benefit from digitalization, too.

To support their field workers, our Client relied on Salesforce Field Service, an easily adaptable, mobile-compatible field service tool. It was used together with the offline-first Field Service Mobile App.

Each field worker had a specific work plan for every appointment. Prior, the installers filled up the necessary checklists manually.

We developed a custom solution for the mobile app that allowed the company's technical staff to create such checklists directly on-site using a tablet. We designed the data model for this feature. It consisted of two parts:

  • Administrators created templates and specified questions and their types in the system.
  • Field workers used the mobile app with the custom checklist divided into steps. The checklists also had an option to add photos. After completion, the worker could generate a PDF document.

Additionally, we designed the custom UI and integrated various actions into the app using the Lightning Web Components (LWC) and Screen Flow frameworks.

For example, the Client wanted to track the duration of each appointment. We implemented a custom action that required the installer to tap a button at the start of the visit.

The value: Efficient contracting, faster support, and proactive warranty management

Our Client’s road to digital transformation is advancing steadily, with our solutions providing tangible business results:

  • Efficient contract management. The new process creates contracts quickly and without mistakes, making life easier for everyone while freeing up time for important work.
  • Enhanced field support. With practical digital tools, services improve on-site, positively affecting the company’s image and making customers happier.
  • Accelerated support processing. Quick automated responses mean happy, loyal customers who are likely to bring repeat business and speak well of the company.
  • Improved on-site delivery. A streamlined mobile app helps field staff efficiently serve clients reducing future appointments, which in turn saves time and money for both customers and the company.
  • Integrated warranty system. It allows technicians to quickly verify warranties and determine costs, enhancing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

With the right tech partner, Salesforce customization shouldn’t be intimidating. SENLA can make it easy for you. Reach out to us whenever you’re ready.

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