How to Outsource Effectively?


How to Outsource Effectively?

And ensure your project will be a success

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As beneficial as IT outsourcing can be, it can also be a disaster if done wrong. So, outsourcing the right functions at the right times, considering cost implications, in-depth research, and choosing a reliable outsourcing partner are crucial for your ultimate success.

This article will give you practical insights on how to outsource effectively to help you grow your business faster and avoid the pitfalls that often come with first-time IT cooperation.

6 Proven Tips on How to Outsource Effectively

1. Consider the timing

An illustration to the first tip on how to outsource effectively - consider the timing

Every company has its own time and reasons to outsource. For some, this may be smart cost optimization and seizing growth opportunities during a crisis.

Others may see outsourcing as a way to gain necessary talent, unavailable in their home region.

Some may outsource tasks when their company is growing rapidly. Developing fast brings various challenges, and many businesses require additional assistance from third parties.

Under any scenario, organizations receive competent and cost-efficient talent to handle their business processes and reduce internal workloads fast and efficiently. Thus, businesses have more time to focus on their core activities and clients.

An unfair advantage

Another undisputable advantage of outsourcing is that it’s highly scalable in terms of talent. For example, our development center can give out up to 100 engineers per year.

For each company, these reasons will be unique. Determine the one for you and decide whether outsourcing will really bring you the desired result in this scenario.

Best practice

We have listed 5 most common reasons why companies choose to outsource. Visit it, maybe you will find one a use case.

2. Form a clear vision of what you want to outsource

An illustration to the second tip on how to outsource effectively - form a clear vision of what you want to outsource

Outsourcing isn’t just about picking business areas that a company doesn't want to perform in-house, or that are too costly for it, and offloading them to a vendor. It’s a strategic approach that can help you increase efficiency and grow your company.

Understanding your company’s processes and how they could be improved to bring more value to your business, form a clear list of which areas you want to outsource.

A good practice is to get away from broader business functions; dig into the details of all processes to define which directions will bring the most profit if outsourced and which if kept in-house. For instance, while you outsource software development, you still hold DevOps on your side for seamless delivery and the quickest problem resolution.

It’s best to outsource the areas where you don’t have proper in-house expertise and knowledge. Meeting largest talent pools and deep expertises, capable of satisfying all their needs, these areas will flourish like never before.

Among the most commonly outsourced IT functions are software development, IT maintenance and customer support.

Our experience

For example, a large US retailer turned to us to help them facilitate the transition to a future-proof omnichannel solution. Our fruitful collaboration resulted in a 30%-increase in their website’s organic traffic, standardization of all their data and enhanced user experiences with personal product recommendations. 
If you want to learn more about this project, read the full case-study here.

3. Determine the cost implications

An illustration to the third tip on how to outsource effectively - determine the cost implications

Compare the cost of hiring in-house staff and an outsourced team and the financial impact this investment will have.

In brief, outsourcing to cost-effective regions such as Eastern Europe will unlock comparatively lower rates for the same high quality level as with your domestic teams.

On top of that, you’re also free from paying outsourced staff benefits — a services provider covers any vacations, sick leaves and any other absences that occur during a project.

All this sums up into a significant total costs optimization figure. Here’s a high-level overview of what you can reach, outsourcing to SENLA:

How many experts does your organization need today?













Where are you located?

Potential annual savings:


Annual savings on one mid-level engineer's hiring, support and retention.

  • Office expenses
  • Social packages
  • Insurance
  • Vacations
  • Sick leaves
  • Premiums and bonuses
  • Personal equipment
  • Training and mentoring
  • HR


Annual administrative costs optimization for one mid-level engineer.

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Lawyers
  • Offices
  • Infrastructure
  • Training laboratories and programs
  • Recruiting
  • Related services


software development velocity improvement

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We are also happy to provide you with a more in-depth look on the topic. Read our comparison of in-house software development vs outsourcing to dive deeper.

4. Find a reliable provider

An illustration to the fourth tip on how to outsource effectively - find a reliable provider

Selecting the functions you want to outsource is key to outsourcing effectively; nevertheless, you also need to research the supplier market to ensure you find the best-fit partner with principles.

Having principles clearly illustrates a vendor’s serious attitude and dedication to their business and global goal that they’re pursuing.

Here’s what we in SENLA believe in:
Our purpose - To make the world better through effective Software Development. 
How - Make money for us and our Clients. 
Our foundation - Taking care of our specialists.
Our aspiration - Do deliveries on time.

Conduct adequate research to find various options and do a comparative analysis. Choose a vendor with experience in the tasks you’re outsourcing.

Although partnering with a new service provider may be beneficial due to a lower price, you don’t want to be the first company to test its effectiveness, do you? So, before choosing a company, go through its performance, reputation, qualifications, previous records, experience and principles. This is very important when outsourcing complex functions requiring an experienced vendor.

Conduct a background check on various prospective companies and choose one based on your business requirements.

In addition, visit specialized review sites that allow previous clients to rate vendors; read testimonials. You can also look for referrals from other organizations that have outsourced workers.

Don’t fall prey to the trap of a low price when choosing an outsourcing partner. Consider their efficiency, ability to meet your needs, and availability. When using cost as the only gauge for selecting a vendor, you may choose the wrong match just to save a few coins.

Our practice

Possessing the tech expertise related to your business is essential and we’ve proved this when working on the We4G Telecom project. The Сlient highlighted our team’s diverse professional backgrounds, allowing us to develop creative solutions to complex technical issues, especially ones related to customer security.

You might think about trying out recruitment agencies, who will quickly staff your open positions with their powers. But this may not be a good option because these agencies are first of all oriented on speed, then quality.

First, they might give you a lot of non-targeted resumes, wasting your limited and valuable time. And second, they will ask for a commission, making precisely smart cost optimization, as a reason, pointless.

But even going for IT outsourcing, you might still stumble upon a recruitment agency, just masked as an outsourced software development company. They will pretend they have the experts you need on staff but at the same time unleash the same recruitment machine underground.

This will be even worse because while you expect such behavior from traditional agencies, with companies labeled “outsourcing software developer” your expectations are quite different. You count on a knowledgeable provider’s in-house staff, nurtured and plunged into the processes.

And when, in reality, you get the same newly hunted people under the skin of internal staff, and this comes out, that’s where problems begin.

Exactly for this reason, we’ve written an article on how to locate and avoid such companies, called “The Real Outsourcing vs The Fake One”. There, we list the typical red flags in such companies' behavior and tell what to pay attention to to choose a reliable partner. Be sure to read it if you want to learn the topic and save your money and time.

5. Hire vendors who specialize in your business’s niche

An illustration to the fifth tip on how to outsource effectively - hire vendors who specialize in your business' niche

While, again, you may want to trade the necessary expertise for a smaller price tag, bear in mind that the time that such a provider will spend getting this knowledge may seriously impact the outcomes, in terms of both time and money (which may well offset any savings that you’ll get with such a partnership).

You can’t maintain effectiveness while simultaneously carrying out different operations and  correcting errors. Therefore, it’s best to outsource to contractors who specialize in your niche and pay them reasonably.

Before outsourcing, consider giving the vendor a paid trial project to determine if their performance lives up to their marketing. At the end of the trial run, you’ll evaluate whether the targets and deadlines have been met. The trial duration will showcase any possible challenges that can come up.

If there are any, ask the vendor to make improvements. If the service provider cannot offer suitable solutions and doesn’t meet your business needs, opt for another one.

Speaking of trials, we can find one of the most notable examples of utilizing them “at scale” looking at the US government. They never choose a team right away but instead allow several ones to perform different tasks and only after that, choose the best one for them.

Our expertise

We don’t fear competition. Instead, it’s our everything! Precisely this factor demonstrates our superiority to our competitors and makes us closer to our recognition in the Client’s eyes.

These aren’t just plain words. We clearly demonstrated such an attitude on the project for a major european airline where the Client also let several teams initially work for them to choose the best. What makes this example stand out is the fact that absolutely all teams were from the renowned players with big names in the industry, and the trial took the whole year, so fierce was the competition. And nevertheless, we still took their sympathy and won! This became possible because of our effort, diligence, patience, professionalism and, undoubtedly, our principles.

That’s exactly why we don’t fear competition — we’ve got something to show our Clients. If you want to know what constituted the essense of that intense project — click the attached link.

6. Make sure your understanding of outsourcing perfectly vibrates with your chosen partner

An illustration to the sixth tip on how to outsource effectively - make sure your understanding of outsourcing perfectly vibrates with your chosen partner

Many companies realize that the times of crisis are the times of big opportunities. And they strive to seize those opportunities to the maximum.

On top of that, a client and a service provider may differently interpret even the same goal — take smart cost optimization for instance. While you are definitely viewing it as a way to optimize operational expenses without losing in quality, some vendors may not share your vision.

These firms, who typically only impersonate outsourced software development agencies, as we mentioned above, will simply bombard you with resumes of cheaper IT talent that often is not even theirs. They won’t have absolutely any commitment to what your cooperation will result in.

Once again we highly recommend you to read our article on how to expose such unscrupulous players and how genuine outsourcing is different from such fake one. Study it to save yourself from a potential disaster, it’s really a worthy piece.

Our expertise

This is exactly what Bayer did, turning to SENLA. Reaching a synergy in our views on outsourcing, we successfully marked our cooperation with such achievements as building stronger relations between Bayer’s departments and reducing their operational costs.

Wrap up

When correctly employed, outsourcing can significantly accelerate a business’s growth. Take time to research the functions it would be best to outsource and select a service provider that perfectly meets your business needs.

Outsourcing your organization's processes to an experienced, competent and honest vendor will streamline functions, enhance productivity, reduce costs, and give you a competitive edge. At SENLA, our Client’s satisfaction is a #1 priority for us. We always strive to cater to our clients’ outsourcing challenges the best way we can.

If you'd like to know more about how we achieve success with our Clients and understand whether we are suitable for each other, whether we are like-minded people, fill in the form below, and we’ll contact you within one business day!

Why Senla?

Your success = our success

We didn’t ask you to read an article about fake outsourcing twice throughout this article just for nothing. We are not afraid to openly talk about the problems in our industry because we hope to earn your trust with such an honest and transparent approach. We want you to be sure that by outsourcing to SENLA, you will accomplish all your goals.

Unafraid of competition

It is our everything, because we have something to offer. After a year of trials, our Client chose us exactly amongst the others for a good reason. And we definitely know that with our open, honest and human-centric approach, we have solidified our place on the market.
Here’s our Codex — the principles behind everything SENLA does:
Our purpose - To make the world better through effective software development. 
How - Make money for us and our Clients. 
Our foundation - Taking care of our specialists.
Our aspiration - Deliver on time.

Capable to deliver on your any ambition

Having 10+ years on the market behind our backs, more than 5000 mandays of development in all of the modern technologies and project management tools, all relevant certifications, 350+ completed projects and 50+ global enterprise Clients, we’ve accumulated decent expertise to enable us implement your any vision, no matter how disruptive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you establish communication?

As you want it to be. Typically, we aim to take micromanagement off your shoulders. For this, we use bi-weekly sprints with Friday demos for syncs. But if you want more, we’re happy to deliver. On our project with We4G, we were happy to assign a local delivery manager to facilitate communication and ensure top-notch service.

How do we start cooperation?

First is an introductory call with our BD team to clarify the project needs. Upon your request we sign an NDA. After the evaluation, we offer a preliminary solution (CV, timelines, etc.). If everything is OK, our staff can get to work in as little as 5-10 business days, depending on the engagement model that you choose.

What if the requirements change during the process? How flexible are you to changes?

We support all actual software development models, so whatever your requirements are, on whatever conditions — be sure we can accommodate.
Our engagement models are also highly flexible for scaling. For example, our offshore development center can give out up to 100 experts per year! All we need to change conditions in a 1-month prior notice and that’s it.

Is there any kind of support after the project is finished?

Sure! We strive to form partnerships, not projects. Our cooperation, based on lifetime warranty, doesn’t stop with the development. If anything goes wrong, you are still covered. Additionally, we can maintain your system upon a request.

I am not happy with my current vendor. Can you overtake the development?

If you are not satisfied with your existing partnership, you can transition the work to us. We will take the ball and run with it.

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